Promotion Activity on Laccase Related Products in Creative Enzymes Has Been Launched

Creative Enzymes, an experienced and excellent supplier and manufacturer in the enzyme field, announced its promotion activity on the part of laccase products, which will last to the end of this month. Customers can enjoy 5% on these products, including laccase from escherichia coli, recombinant, laccase from bacillus subtilis, recombinant and native laccase from cerrena unicolor.

August 19, 2016 – With decades of experiment in providing and generating enzymes for industrial and academic use, Creative Enzymes has won praise from the majority of its customers. Therefor, in order to show its gratitude to its loyal customers, Creative Enzymes held this promotion activity to bring great benefit to them.


Laccase, existing in many plants, fungi and microorganisms, is a copper-containing oxidase enzyme. Its main targets are phenols and similar molecules, in which it is a one-electron oxidations. What’s more, it is also believed that laccase is indispensible in the formation of lignin by promoting the oxidative coupling of monolignols. Which is a family of naturally occurring phenols. In Creative Enzymes, there are all kinds of laccase products that can meet increasing market demands.


Laccase developed by experienced scientists from Creative Enzymes has a wide range of applications. In enzymatic biofuel cells, it has been examined as the cathode and can be paired with an electron mediator to facilitate electron transfer to a solid electrode wire. What’s more, laccase from Creative Enzymes have also been widely used to act as an industrial catalyst, as well as the necessary factor for textile dyeing/textile finishing, teeth whitening and wine cork making and bioremediation. Besides, it has the ability to cross link food polymers, including proteins, nonstarch polysaccharides in dough. In nonstarch polysaccharides, it acts as a catalyst on the oxidative gelation of feruloylated arabinoxylans by dimerization of their ferulic esters. In food industry, recombinant laccase can be used to remove the polyphenols on the wort or at the end of process. In addition, it can also remove excess oxygen in beer and increase the storage life of beer.


Native laccase and other laccase products from Creative Enzymes have been widely used by scientists for industrial use and academic use. For many years, we also continuously improve laccases’ generating line to meet loyal customers’ demands. Now Creative Enzymes is holding this promotion activity, aiming to bring great benefit and show its gratitude to customers.” said Dr. Joanna, a senior scientist in Creative Enzymes.


This promotion activity cannot only help Creative Enzymes win good fame in the biotech field, but also can pave the way for it for the further development.

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