DeepSystem Launches Music Video For Latest Dance Track “I Need You.”

Expressing the need for his loved one to be a part of his life, DeepSystem’s newest video of the latest track “I Need You” depicts the emotional turmoil and yearning of a loved one in someone’s life. The new video was created to showcase the positive dance beats in the catchy style of DEEPSYSTEM. The music and lyrics were wrote by Andrei Socoliuc and produced by Andrei Murariu. The music video was shot and edited by Andrei Lesan of Redcon Pictures.

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DEEPSYSTEM is a Romanian dance singer and one of the up and coming young artists of today that have an innate creativity and the talent to perform that drives him to be better and outdo his previous work; DeepSystem is a true artists, who believes that he is not limited by borders and restrictions to get his art across to people who enjoy EDM or heartfelt music in general. He is a rising star who has been able to climb the ladder of success in a short period of time through commitment to his art, determination and hard work. A natural talent, He is the one at the back of some of the famous songs of today such as “Mr. DJ”, “Hey My Love”, “Indie Girl” and more. He started as a YouTube sensation and achieved success starting 2009.

DeepSystem believes that following one’s dreams and staying focused on the goals is one of the biggest driving forces behind anyone’s success and people should not be afraid to go after what they want. Such motivations are also the reason behind his success; he loves to draw inspiration from the power of love, life and living life to the fullest.

Despite its recent launch on YouTube, the music video for “I Need You” has earned praise and appreciation from the audience. DeepSystem is currently busy creating fresh tunes and moving lyrics for new tracks and upcoming albums, his ambition is to become a household name not just locally but around the world.  He also likes to stay connected with his fans and admirer through his social media accounts.


DeepSystem is a rising songwriter and a dance music recording artists, born and raised in Romania. In 2009, the success of DeepSystem began its ascent with millions of viewers on YouTube, along with more supporters and followers in the clubs.

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