A Brief History of Video Conferencing hosted on YouTube Live with Chuck MacDonald, Daryl Hutchinson and Paul Richards

“A brief history of live streaming aired on YouTube Live August 19, 2016.”
A Brief History of Live Streaming with Paul Richards (HuddleCamHD), Chuck MacDonald (Jenne Distributing) and Daryl Hutchinson (Collaboration Squared). Chuck MacDonald reviews the early days of video conferencing as the panel compares and contrasts the changes this industry has experienced. Daryl, CEO of Ubiety.me, talks about the consumer demand vs professional demand and how various products such as the iPhone have driven acceptance and adoption in the industry.

Philadelphia, PA – This week HuddleCamHD hosted a live show on YouTube Live called “A Brief History of Video Conferencing”. The live show, filmed in black and white, featured video conferencing participants Chuck MacDonald from Jenne Distributing and Daryl Hutchinson from Collaboration Squared. The host of HuddleCamHD Live, Paul Richards, announced charitable donations for the show are up to $10,146 and introduced the main topic “Video Conferencing… an industry on fire” to frame up this exciting live stream.

The live show is available for free on-demand viewing on HuddleCamHD’s YouTube Channel. Hutchinson, a video conferencing business owner and industry veteran says “We have been in the collaboration space for over 7 years and I do think we are moving into a world with mass video adoption.” MacDonald another industry veteran explains the industry’s progress mentions “Back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s the systems we are using today were 60-100 thousand dollars each not to mention the infrastructure and cost of lines…Today we are seeing more adoption because the price point has come down.”

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/6FSD7AHB6PY

This live show is accompanied by a historical timeline of the video conferencing industry here: http://history.huddlecamhd.com

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