Hack draft using the “My Perfect Fantasy Draft” app

FF Maverick’s My Perfect Fantasy Draft (MyPFD) app is the only fantasy football app that will help its users create a fully customized fantasy football draftlist in minutes set to their league’s scoring settings and their personal player preferences.  The app will help users “hack” their fantasy draft and easily find the right players for their league! 

Jim Kutsko, aka “Jimmie Maverick”, creator and owner of My Perfect Fantasy Draft App, has been playing fantasy football for 14 seasons and knows that success in the draft is a huge part of whether one is ultimately successful in their league every year.

This web-based app frees users from countless hours trolling websites for player stats and rankings because My PFD coalesces all the important details of every fantasy relevant player in one place.  The app also is updated daily to reflect the impact of what’s happening during the pre-season so you can be assured you’ll have the most up to date information on your favorite players.

There are only two steps required to crafting your custom draft list with the app.  First, players enter their leagues’ fantasy point schedule.  MyPFD then automatically calculates the projected points for each player (based on their projected stats) and values them accordingly. Second, players can remove undesirable players from the list using a powerful filter feature.  The app contains over 30 different filters which are player-based, position-based, and team-based to help users craft the perfect list.

What’s more, FF Maverick guarantees all players a top-3 draft ranking in any league, regardless of draft position.  That is not a bad deal for the $5 fee required to join.

The app can be purchased through his website at ffmaverick.com

FF Maverick Frequently Asked Questions

1)    What’s the deal with this app, My Perfect Fantasy Draft?  How will it help players in fantasy football?

The app is a much more streamlined/clean interface for creating a customized draftlist than anything that is currently on the market.  The app doesn’t “auto-draft” for you, but it makes the draft process, and everything leading up to it, a lot easier.  The customized list it provides to coaches will help them easily see who are the players they need to target and who they should avoid.  MyPFD utilizes features and stats that traditional fantasy football sites don’t make use which helps fantasy coaches make better decisions when selecting players for their team. The app is designed for both the casual fantasy football coach who wants to field a more competitive team and for the seasoned fantasy veteran who wants another solid resource to help them on draft day.

2)    How much does the app cost?

The app costs $5and is good for the 2016 season.

3)    Do I have to pay for every league that I play in, or is the app a one-time purchase?

You’re able to use the app for as many leagues as you want with the subscription.  The app also makes it easy to switch between your various leagues. 

4)    How does the app help you hack your fantasy draft?

By calculating the projected points a player will earn (based on that league’s scoring settings) and assigning a value to that player, it makes it easy to see if that player is a good choice based on where that player is being drafted.  Player value can vary wildly based on how each league scores points.  So a player might be a good choice in a standard points league but a very poor choice in a Points-Per-Reception (PPR) league.  Likewise, the app makes it easy to remove undesirable players from your list using filters.  Right now fantasy coaches need to spend hours doing player research on the web to find out if each player meets their criteria.  In MyPFD, you select the criteria and the app eliminates all players that don’t meet it, saving you countless hours of research!  The app doesn’t pick the players for you, but it makes the process of selecting the right players much easier so that even a beginner is able to draft a more competitive team.  For added bonus, the app utilizes stats and algorithms that aren’t available anywhere else, and also takes the type of league you’re playing in into account when providing feedback.

5)    Does My Perfect Fantasy Draft guarantee a fantasy football championship?

No, it doesn’t.  The app does guarantee, though, that regardless of where you draft in your league, your team will be ranked in the top-3 teams on draft day—there’s a money-back guarantee in place if you’re not happy.  Jim says that success in fantasy football is 50% the draft, 30% managing your players during the season and 20% good old-fashioned luck.  When a player has a successful draft, it makes winning that season much easier.

6)    Does the app offer anything for after the draft?

FF Maverick does have a blog and a facebook page, which Jimmie frequently updates.  However, the app itself is solely for the draft, not the entire season.

7)    Does the app work for every type of fantasy football platform?

No, the app doesn’t work for daily fantasy.  It is designed for traditional, season-long fantasy football leagues.

8)    Would Jimmie Maverick consider expanding the app to Android and iOS?

Yes, if it was successful enough he would consider it.  However, he’s not there yet, as the app is in its first year.

9)    What makes Jim an expert in fantasy football?

Jimmie refers to himself as a “fantasy football hobbyist” and is an enthusiastic and dedicated fantasy football player.  He’s been playing fantasy football since the early 2000s and has experienced both success and hardship during that time.  He always felt the weakest part of his game was the draft because there were so many different moving parts to manage when considering players.  This app was designed to consolidate all those factors into a single list that’s easy to set up, modify and utilize during a draft.  He used a beta version of this app in both of his leagues in 2015.  He drafted 2nd in a 10-team league and drafted the #1 team.  Then he drafted 12th in a 12-team league and, again drafted the #1 ranked team.  He took both of those teams to the championship game and won one (and lost the other game by less than 2 points).  He attributes a big part of his success to using this app because it helped him easily find the best players for each of his leagues.

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