Young Fine HK Trading Limited offers a wide range of lighting bulbs and products

Young Fine HK Trading Limited supplies top quality bulb lighting products. All its products have long life and reduce power consumption.

People who are looking for ways to reduce growing electricity bills without affecting the existing room environment can install bulbs that have been manufactured using latest power saving technology. There are many companies that are supplying such bulbs at reasonable prices. Young Fine HK Trading Limited is one such agency which offers wide range of energy efficient lighting bulbs at fair prices to the global customers. All its lighting products are manufactured in an advanced state of the art facilities to meet the growing expectations and requirements of the customers. The Research and Development team of the firm is determined to provide the best products to the customers without compromising quality.

The company offers halogen light bulb of different shapes and sizes to enhance the selection bar of the customers. It is an advanced form of incandescent bulb whose filament is composed of ductile tungsten and is located in a gas filled bulb just like a standard tungsten bulb. This bulb comes with the average life span of 2000 hours and offers higher luminous efficacy. There is fuse in the gas-filled bulb for ensuring safety to the users. This bulb can endure high pressure and does not emit mercury vapor light. Installation of this bulb results in 30% energy saving to reduce expenditure on electricity bill subsequently. For more information on these bulbs, customers can log on to the website of this company.

compact fluorescent lamp

This company is the ideal place to buy infrared heat lamp which is mainly used in certain scientific and industrial instruments for chemical analysis of liquids and gases. For instance, using the infrared absorption characteristics of this lamp the presence of the sulfur dioxide pollutant in air can be easily measured. This lamp is also used to transmit infrared radiation to the body that is being heated. This lamp has good usage in various industrial applications that include curing coatings and in plastic preparation.  The commercial application of this bulb is mainly restricted in cooking and browning food.

The agency has come into limelight for supplying different types of reptile heat lamp that supports diverse commercial and household applications. This lamp increases the ambient air temperature and stimulates the breeding behavior of a reptile through UVA rays. The lamp creates a basking area for thermoregulation and can be easily combined with Night Glo or Heat Glo for a 24 hours cycle. This lamp is ideal to retain the body heat of the reptiles and that of plants either in day or night hours.

About Young Fine HK Trading Limited

Young Fine HK Trading Limited manufactures different types of energy saving lighting bulbs. This company possesses business experience for more than 20 years and always emphasizes on quality.

For more information, customers can visit its website.

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