OmniBiotics® Announces Their Breakthrough Probiotic Formula Featuring Bile-Resistant Super Strain L. Acidophilus DDS-1®

Health and wellness nutraceutical brand OmniBiotics announce the release of Flora Renew®, a powerful probiotics supplement using acidophilus DDS-1®, a strain scientifically proven to stay active in the digestive tract longer compared to all other probiotic strains.

Campbell, CA – OmniBiotics® has announced the arrival of their breakthrough probiotic formula, Flora Renew®, on This new product has a wonderful reputation already, and is known as one of the most effective at helping maintain excellent digestive health. The fact that this product is now on comes as great news for many users who have struggled to find a reliable high-quality probiotic source available for purchase on familiar online marketplaces.

Jason Green of OmniBiotics had this to say, “Our goal has always been to make our products as easily accessible as possible. By making it available on popular platforms such as, we are sure our clients will never struggle finding their favorite probiotic product. You can now buy Flora Renew® on Amazon and have it shipped to your home with tracking as early as the following day with Amazon Prime’s next day shipping options. This makes it easier than ever to maintain excellent digestive health.”

Belly bloat, constipation, irregular bowel movements, chronic bad breath, skin problems and a vast number of other health conditions can all be attributed as symptoms caused by unhealthy gut bacteria levels. Beneficial bacteria in your digestive tract, called microflora, can provide optimal health benefits only when sufficient levels are present. OmniBiotics’ Flora Renew® formula is one of the most effective products for restoring this microflora balance, and supporting the gut for good health.

When matched side by side to other formulas, L. Acidophilus DDS-1® gives Flora Renew® the supreme digestive-health advantage thanks to its ability to resist stomach acid and intestinal bile. The fact that DDS-1® is so highly adaptable to the human GI tract assures it the ability to reach its intended destination, the human gastrointestinal tract – and provide its intended benefits – balanced microflora. Aside from its well documented DDS-1® “super-strain”, Flora Renew® boasts an impressive 14 unique strains and 34.7 billion CFU per capsule. Once more, Omnibiotics has the perfect solution for digestive problems in the form of the highly-acclaimed Flora Renew® Probiotic, which is now easily available for purchase on

Contact OmniBiotics today for any information you wish to know about Flora Renew. Like our facebook page or feel free to contact us via Facebook Message, Email or our toll-free number.  For purchasing, visit our Amazon shop or alternatively, you can buy from our online web shop as well to begin your journey to digestive health.

To celebrate our new Flora Renew® probiotic, for a limited time only we are offering a 20% Off coupon for all purchases.

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