Birth of Adopt A Cop USA

Adopt A Cop USA was born to help save lives. Not just the lives of law enforcement officers, but every life that is endangered by the negative perception that people have of those officers which has permeated this country.

“The life we’re saving could be anybody,” said retired Sgt. Frank Danysh, who spent 25 years with the Boynton Beach Police Department. “It could be a black person, white person, cop, child, anybody. Most people aren’t trained in firearms. They shoot wildly and anyone can get hit. And, every time a riot or death happens, we all pay the cost for it. Socially, the tragedies affect us emotionally and monetarily.”

Frank created Adopt A Cop USA – Help A Child as the answer. Front line police officers paired as mentors with at risk children starting with 4th grade help these children learn that officers are the good guys, and how to make positive choices with positive consequences. By engaging these children early, perceptions are developed that deter their becoming gang members, rioters, domestic abusers and cop killers. They become solid citizens who benefit themselves, their families and the community.

The deep need for this program hit home after Frank responded to a domestic violence call in his 24th year as an officer. Having previously been mentored as a 6th grader in a then defunct program through the police department, the young black man who was causing the problem recognized Frank and called out for help. “Enough is Enough!” Frank said he thought that day. “It is time to stop officers dying, children being shot, civilians being injured. The violence needs to end.”

Adopt A Cop USA is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that focuses on Bridging the Gap between Community and Law Enforcement, One Child at a Time. By pairing front line police officers to mentor at risk children, the organization supports the relationship between the two in a way unseen through any government programs. Adopt A Cop USA reduces community violence and helps law enforcement to be more productive and compassionate for generations to come. The organization operates solely on individual contributions and public support.

Please consider contributing to our efforts to create safer communities across the USA by visiting our website at

Contact Sgt. Frank Danysh at 954-263-8270 or email for more information. 

By Rachel Wion

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