Wigmate Dry & Style, Cancer Survivor Turned Entrepreneur

In 2009, Janice Henington set out for a summer of fun. In May, she went on a cruise with her daughter and sister-in-law and then in August spent time in Colorado, Wyoming & Utah, shopping and sightseeing. But there was a shadow cast over her fun as her worry increased of the irregularity she’d been experiencing in her cycle.

After a number of visits to her doctor with no resulting answers to be had, Janice was referred to a Gynecologic Oncologist. Her doctor reassured her that there was nothing to worry about, that it was the logical next step, but that appointment had much more in store for her.

Upon the completion of the routine exam, the Oncologist bluntly announced that Janice had Cervical Cancer. Six days later, Janice was checked into a hospital to have a Radical Hysterectomy. Her follow-up appointment revealed that she in fact didn’t have Cervical Cancer but Uterine Cancer that had spread to her cervix. Her official diagnosis was Stage 2, Grade 3, Endometrial Cancer.

After a one week recovery stay in the hospital, Janice was released to go home to continue her healing at home. Janice found herself reeling, trying to process the new stage of life she’d found herself in. After 6 weeks at home recovering, Janice went back to her doctor where she was informed that her treatments would include both radiation and Chemotherapy.

During Janice’s time in Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy, Janice found herself in the same boat as many other cancer patients who had come before her. She found herself losing her hair and shopping for wigs. As she gathered the accessories to care for her wigs, Janice says she became increasingly frustrated with the Styrofoam head system, with all the heads and wigs sitting out, taking up counter space and on display for the whole world to see. To top it all off, she says her weekly wig washing routine became a dripping, hazardous mess. Janice says she remembers, “thinking that others must be experiencing the same frustrations. How did they store their wigs discreetly and avoid a dripping watery mess? There must be a better way.”

It was at that point that Janice began her search for a solution; but none was to be had. She talked to multiple salon owners and other wig wearers who had some good tips and tricks for dealing with the existing care products on the market, but no one could point her in the direction of a completely different care product that avoided the pitfalls of wig stands, wig hangers and styrofoam heads all together.

The frustration of dealing first hand with sub-par products instilled in Janice a drive to develop a totally new product; a product that would completely rid the wig care routine of all the hassles attached to drying, styling and storing wigs. Janice’s vision was for a product that could really help others who are undergoing one of, if not the, most difficult seasons of their life. These were people just like Janice, who did not need anymore inconveniences than they already had. And that is how the Wigmate Dry &  Style came to be!

Years later, with lots of research, development, and working with engineers, Janice was successful in creating a one-of-a-kind product that would discreetly store wigs behind a door, freeing up counter space, while allowing users to drip dry and style their wigs in the shower, over a tub, or over a sink. “We are so proud to offer a product that makes life easier for those undergoing cancer treatments and to be a positive part of their healing in some shape or form,” Janice Henington, creator of Wigmate Dry & Style, states. “It is my greatest hope that my story will inspire other cancer survivors to continue in a forward motion, pursuing positive changes in their own lives all while seeking to help others. One person truly can make a difference and that difference can begin with you!”

To learn more about the phenomenal Wigmate Wig Hanger visit the Wigmate Website. And because the Wigmate is all about ease of use, it can also be purchased on Amazon.

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