K’Anne Meinal’s book “Veil of Silence” receives great reviews from readers

K’Anne Meinal’s new book “Veil of Silence” has received great reviews from the readers and critics both. The book recently launched on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle format has won the hearts of many readers and they gave positive reviews to it. “I was enraptured from the white knuckle beginning all the way through the emotional roller coaster that made up the rest of the book. A married, lesbian soldier is captured, raped, and forced to bear three children by her torturer and rapist. When she escapes, she takes her children with her, but what of her wife and daughter waiting back home? This author tackled so many tough subjects at once, and did a tremendous job holding and pulling it all together.”

The book certainly describes the core strength a woman possesses which makes her bear even the most gruesome circumstances and yet not give up. The story features the protagonist as Lieutenant Marsha Gagliano who disappeared in Afghanistan five years ago before suddenly appearing at the US embassy in a burqa and two young children. For all these years, her wife hopes for her to come back gradually starts to realize she may have to move on without her. The book also explores the same sex relationships and how the protagonist is discriminated, as an American officer for being in such relationship.

The book proceeds to describe Marsha’s repatriation after she returns, gradually revealing the secrets she holds and meeting again with her wife and daughter. Marsha dramatically shows up at the embassy in Kabul, wearing a burqa with two young children with her. She hasblack hair, brown eyes and looks like an Afghani woman but with an American accent. She introduces herself as Marsha Gagliano while keeping cautious about any potential threat by any enemy. The army becomes suspicious of her due to her sudden disappearance and eventual reappearance, all the while their real agenda is slowly revealed. The readers discover the answers to questions about her children and whether her wife is going to accept them and is the army going to believe her again among several others. The story unveils the secrets behind her veil of silence.

More information about the book is available at the author’s official website.

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