Getting to Know More about International Master Trainer Joshua Luke

Joshua Luke, international award-winning Master Personal Branding Consultant and Leading Personal Effective Skills Training Expert.
Getting to Know More about International Master Trainer Joshua Luke, Founder of Asia’s Leading Training Group ‘Signature Image Academy International’, whose Dream is to be the First Asian Guy from Singapore to Appear on Ellen Degeneres’ TV Show.

Joshua Luke – an international award-winning Master Personal Branding Consultant and a Leading Personal Effective Skills Training Expert from Asia, Singapore. For those who know and have seen him in action, you will know that Joshua is a highly charismatic and engaging global Master Trainer, where interaction, hands-on and laughter fill his workshops always.

Popularly known as ‘Coach Luke’ in the industry, Joshua is the holder of 3 Master Certifications in ‘Communications – Customer Service’, ‘Etiquette & Protocol’ and ‘Image Consultancy in Branding’, he is also a Qualified ‘Advanced Body Language Research & Trainer’ and a NLP (Neuro-Linguistics Programming) Practitioner-in-training. Presently, Coach Luke is in pursuance of his ‘Master Degree of Science in Management (ARU, UK Cambridge)’, majoring in Business, Marketing & Leadership Management. He has been invited to appear as an Expert-Consultant on the news & media platforms several times – having been on print (newspapers & magazines), on TV (local & regional TV stations), on air (radio) and on demand (online).

Coach Luke is also an author, and has produced the ‘Fast Forward’ Image book series, the ‘Power Up’ Branding e-book series, the ‘Empower Me’ Personal Effective Skills e-book series and the ‘Harness the Champion in Me’ Sales Skills e-book series. He is also the producer of the ‘Transform Yourself Now’ DVD series. Joshua has conducted numerous training programmes for Asian, Caucasian and African audiences both in Singapore, regionally and internationally. He has travelled to various countries to speak – South Africa, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and China, with more countries to cover in the following years to come.

Joshua is also the Founder and the Group Director of Training & Business Development of the Signature Training Group International, which consisted of ‘Signature Image Academy International’, ‘Signature College of Service & Sales Training’, ‘Signature Leadership & Teambuilding Institute’ and 2 other business entities, with Office Headquarters based in Singapore, Asia. The Training Group offers a diverse range of corporate trainings, certification courses, professional workshops and personal coaching, and has been serving both local and international markets for almost close to ten years now.

Specialising in all aspects of effective and efficient business & personal development with the use of riveting workshop training skill sets, such as ‘Corporate & Personal Branding Skills’ – in International Customer Service Excellence, Business Protocol & Etiquette, Corporate Image Projection & Personal Presentation, etc., and ‘Personal Effective Skills at Work’ – in Effective Relationship Management, Effective Strategies in Sales and Negotiations, Effective Communication in Body Language, Charismatic Networking in Public Relation Skills, Team Dynamics & Management and Influential Leadership Skills. The Training Group is also in the final stages of launching the various ‘Signature Profiling Assessments’ ( in Leadership, EQ (Emotion Quotient), AQ (Adversity Quotient), etc. for the benefits of enhanced training & learning experience for the staff of organisations, corporations and companies worldwide.

What is Joshua Luke’s ultimate dream? He has aspired to be the first Asian guy from Singapore to appear on Ellen Degenere’s TV Show since years ago! How is he going to achieve that? By doing his trainings so well in the hope that one day, the team from the TV Show will be able to link Coach Luke with her!

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