Why Online Fitness Services Are All The Rage And How One Is Cutting Through The Noise

Online personal fitness at its best.
Keeping fit is a way of life but has proven to be much of a challenge in this modern day society, where many are bogged down with daily responsibilities from school, work and home. In a bid to address this situation, the health and fitness industry has since leveraged upon the versatility of Information Technology, with companies creating a myriad of novel apps, websites and physical products that aim to provide convenient fitness solutions to busy individuals.

They range from the ability to monitor physical activities to A.I driven, customised fitness and nutrition programs – all from a simple click of the button.

However, amidst the waves of technological innovation, face-to-face personal training continue to remain strong in demand. This is because, nothing beats the experience of having a fitness expert personalise a training program that is exclusive only to you, where the sort of individual attention provided might serve as an effective push towards achieving one’s fitness goals.  Unfortunately, many might find this avenue financially unsustainable and / or unable to accept the rigidity placed on their daily schedules.

In light of this situation, extensive research and development efforts have led the team at FITtener.com to develop an innovative fitness solution that is able to efficiently fuse information technology with the likes of personal coaching into a single comprehensive platform. This revolutionary system, aptly named as FITtener.com’s Online Personal Fitness (OPF), integrates real-time personal training into our daily communication devices, whilst retaining the essential elements of affordability, convenience and efficacy.    

The OPF offers a holistic fitness approach that is built on 4 pillars, namely, customised training, nutritional advisory, motivation and affordability.

Customised Training: Experience the unique blend of plyometrics, calisthenics and resistance band exercises from FITtener.com’s specially engineered R2Bw training program. These home-based workouts have not only proven to be as effective as ploughing through the weights in a gym, they are also flexible enough to be tuned specifically to any fitness levels. Coaches will craft out weekly customised training programs aimed to help individuals progress safely and effectively towards their fitness goals. In order to ensure proper execution of each exercise, all workout programs are accompanied by clear online instructional videos.

Nutritional Advise:  It is never sufficient to solely depend on an active workout regime, in fact, achieving that desired physique largely depends on the daily food consumption. The beauty of the OPF platform is that it does not require the participant to undergo stringent and rigid diets. The key is to help participants by raising their awareness towards the quality and quantity of food they are consuming – one meal at a time. This real-time diet advisory helps participants develop gradual but lasting behavioural changes towards picking the best foods that are beneficial towards their fitness goals.

Motivation: Whether it comes to staying disciplined towards fulfilling the designated weekly training schedules or choosing the right foods for every meal, participants can rest assured that their coaches will be there with them every step of the way. One of the main roles of the coaches will be to help participants stay focused and motivate them on, especially in times where determination might seem to be tapering off.

Affordability: The OPF platform is designed to enable our coaches to reach out and guide clients in the most cost-efficient method possible. However, this form of coaching does not, in any way, disrupt the quality of communication between the trainer and trainee. In fact, clients might find this genre of online coaching as comprehensive as conventional one-to-one personal training.

In a nutshell, achieving and sustaining the impetus of pursuing optimum fitness boils down to gradual behavioural changes. Under the close guidance of a real, certified coach, FITtener.com’s OPF platform helps individuals attain such changes in the most enduring and effective way possible,

Visit www.fittener.com to understand more about the program and learn how it has struck positive notes to the lives of many. For a limited time period, FITtener.com will be offering a free, no-strings-attached trial to interested parties. Register now at their website and start shaping towards a healthier and fitter you today!   

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