Guide For Pokemon Go App Is Launched On Google Play Store

22 Aug, 2016 – It is true that the world is so obsessed with the Pokemon Go, as the game has become a favorite choice of all smartphone users. The game requires the players to capture the Pokemon, which is not an easy task. This is why a new app by name, complete guide for Pokemon go is launched at the Google Play Store to help the players find essential tips, tricks and guide to arrive a better game strategy to find a Pokemon, train it and evolve these creatures in an effective fashion.

Pokemon has always managed to amaze us in the form of TV shows, films and as video games, but now it has become the buzzword among mobilephone users as all are keen on collecting Pokemon. The players can capture Pokemon by throwing a Poke ball to trap it to control the angry and terrified creature and it later bonds with you after you collect it. This game, Pokemon Go has a new concept related to the real world that makes the players to explore the real world by physically walking out in the open. This game features the map of the real area based on your geo location and when you walk along the area, you will come across these creatures that can be captured quickly when you throw the Poke ball. This game if available for free and can be played by both android and iOS users. Being an augmented reality game, you will be able to view a Pokemon on your phone’s camera in the real world scenario. Even though you are a lover of this game, you will agree that catching the Pokemon is a tedious job and with the aid of the complete guide for Pokemon Go app, you will be able to get a better understanding about personalizing, training, battling and transferring these creatures.

You can find the guide for Pokemon Go app at the Google Play Store link at The app features the best collection of Pokemon Go cheats that are handpicked to educate the players to play the game like a pro. The app will guide you to the ways of catching your first Pikachu to be used as your very 1st Pokemon, save battery on your phone, incubate the eggs while saving you from the trouble of walking, listen to the sounds of Pokemon and much more. T9o download this app, you must have a mobilephone supporting Android 2.3.3 or higher. It has a 3+ content rating and is offered by AlphaRay Apps. This app is a useful choice to find all the secrets about your favorite Pokemon Go to catch the best Pokemon creatures like Pikachu, Blastoise, Venusaur, Charizard etc.

About Guide For Pokemon Go App:

Guide For Pokemon Go App is the ultimate guide for players to find tips, cheats, tricks and training to play the game of Pokemon Go, which is a massively popular game. 

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