Gar Michaels inspires with his Heart Challenge

Gar Michaels is a well-liked, popular and inspiring spokesperson that’s read in print, heard and seen on radio, television and blog/vlog, and respected right around the globe for his admirable endeavours.

But he wasn’t always the figure he is today.

How did a man who created a company with over a billion dollars in sales, a respected man in his community, and a father of two beautiful children end up one night in April of 2015 surrounded by about 10 sheriff’s deputies pointing their guns and rifles at his head? This the 50 year journey of a man who traveled from torment to freedom, from concealing a secret inner life to finding the light and finally living in his truth.

Gar is an inspiration to everyone. To think that this man who lost it all, from then-uncontrolled mental illness and, is now one of the most renowned health and healthy lifestyle spokespeople – not to mention millionaires – is incredible!

With Yoga (“Practicing meditation and yoga, learning to live the life in this peace and harmony was a revelation I had not experienced…”), from being able to conquer his Bipolar II (“I suffered in silence. For over 30 years, I hid the real me”), ridding of all drugs and alcohol from his life, changing his diet completely, staying out of trouble (he event went to prison at one stage), and exercising daily (he is healthier than those half his age!), Gar Michaels was born again.

Michaels now wants to help, as well as give back, by giving away $100,000 to those who can tell him why and how in recent times they’ve made a difference to someone’s life. Via his long-running company S.A.L.A.D (Save a Life a Day), Gar is running the Heart Challenge.

The Heart Challenge ( works like this – you get points every time you do something nice or helpful for someone, be it walking someone’s dog, feeding the homeless, work in a soup kitchen, helping the elderly or make and have dinner with someone who might be lonely. At the end of the competition time (September 30), all your points will be accumulated and those with the highest amount wins the cash prize!

Much like S.A.L.A.D, which is an organization that exists to elevate humanity through mental wellness, physical health, spiritual fulfilment and random acts of kindness, the heart challenge is all about helping both ourselves and others.

A new app has launched to make it even easier for people to sign up for the heart challenge! Head to the website using your IOS smart phone and bookmark the page today!



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