Wazoodle makes an attempt to revive the textile industry in the USA

Wazoodle.com is an American company which provides a variety of different fabrics and sewing materials online through its official website. The company is aimed to revive the textile industry in the United States and wishes to promote in-house manufacturing in the country. It specializes in selling high-quality fabrics, diaper sewing supplies,and sewing accessories at an affordable cost.

Wazoodle is the brainchild of a bunch of highly educated professionals, Arch and Sid, who left their managerial jobs to move to the USA for their college-bound children, Karishma and Ashrey. As a quality and change management expert, Arch found a position in the medical device industry while Sid, being a textile engineer started working in a mill. Together they formed AKAS, (for Arch, Kay, Ash, and Sid) which will be committed to full-time manufacturing and supplying fabrics to the customers.

The group’s mission was to make textiles in the USA and within a few years they started making good sales. While they were looking for the opportunity to expand, they decided to buy an in trouble textile company in Canada called Wazoodle Fabrics.After the purchase, the company started doing well and gained popularity among the customers across the country.

At Wazoodle, they care about the environment and believe in reuse and recycling as well as minimize wastage. All the fabrics are made under Sid’s supervision who is having an experience of 40 years as a textile engineer with strong attention to detail. He ensures that the fabric is made without toxic substances using the best raw material available.

Wazoodle is working towards the aim to bring leadership back to the American textiles. It would also help in making the fabric available at an affordable cost and also create more job opportunities for the fellow Americans. Since 2010, the company has managed to create more than 500 jobs in the country.

More information about the company is available at Wazoodle.com.

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Company Name: Wazoodle Fabrics
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