Megasus Horse runners all set to be launched on Kickstarter for pre-order

Megusus Horserunners is a brand new type of hoof protection for horses which is said to be a hybrid between an iron horse shoe and a hoof boot. It’ll soon be available on Kickstarter for fundraising. The product includes all the advantages of the traditional iron horseshoe such as durability, adjustability (the Megasus is the first DIY horseshoe because you don´t have to nail. Customers with previous knowledge can do it on their own), while it eliminates the disadvantages offered by the same such as difficulty of movement, no shock absorption, channeling heat and cold in the inner hoof and the need of nailing it which may destroy the hoof horn. Also, the traditional horseshoe is heavy.

The innovative Megasus Horserunners offer many advantages over the traditional products such as they are lightweight (less than half a pound), can be adjusted individually, easy to put on, and offer protection without permanence.  It can also stay put in all kinds of terrain including mud and water plus it allows the hoof to be flexible. The product is also designed to protect the sole from bruising, cracking and other injuries by offering shock absorption. It does not accumulate snow, dirt or mud and is easy to clean.

The Megasus Horserunner can be worn with studs and it  is flexible enough to be adjustable to the horse’s needs with or without the stabilizer.  This is first of its kind shock absorbing horse protection that allows natural hoof movements on all types of terrain. The product is created considering the fact that  more than 50% fail of hoof and leg problems (the other statistic with 90% is oft he 1980´s and we decided that it is too old). Since the majority of the injuries to them are caused by the material iron, Megasus Horserunners have created a solution which would prove to be a boon to the horses.

Megasus Horserunners are developed by Megasus Horsetech GmbH which includes people who care about the animal rights. The company has taken into consideration the age old problem of unhealthy horseshoes (Science call them a „necessary evil“) made for the horses and that several of them fail or has to be put down  because of hoof problems. They went on research and find alternative methods of hoof protection which would offer shock absorption, rigidity, durability and allows natural hoof movements, which ultimately gave birth to Megasus Horserunners. With the new product, the company aims to reach out to as many horse owners as possible so that the horses can have better hoof protection. The campaign is most likely to be started with a fundraising goal of $100,000 to get the product into mass production. The backers will also be able to pre-order the Megaus Horse runners by pledging for various perks.

More information regarding the campaign is coming soon on

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Contact Person: Louisa Forstner
Phone: +43 680 20 49 449
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