Singapore Star Investor’s Top Investing Philosophies

Terence at an investment fair recently.
In an article last month, Ted and Teo from media network Affiliate Hall explored Singapore star investor Terence Tan’s unique approach to investing. As pure beginners, they learnt his unique proposition of selling options like insurance, and running the investment game like a true business. This time, they caught up with him again to learn what top philosophies he has when it comes to investing.

They are no get rich quick programme. They will tell you this straight up in their introductory workshop – If you are looking for unrealistic short gains, or impossible start-up capital, they are not the ones for you. They are true blue fund managers; people with actual track record and funds under their care. They do not pick strategies that are obsolete, or those that have not been tested and used in the current markets. They get your hands dirty, so that through step by step guidance, you will be able to see for yourself the strategies that work.

Why share a winning strategy?

“Hi Terence, thank you for granting us time to have a quick catch up with you,” started Teo.

“I think a common question many of us have is this – if you already have a winning strategy, why share it with others and not keep it to yourself? Won’t exposing your methods saturate the markets?” he continued.

“The reason is simple,” replied Terence.

Pic: Terence in one of his workshops. 

“We are not self-decorated investment gurus without actual field experience. We are not theorists or retired investment managers with obsolete strategies. We are current fund managers helping investors manage actual portfolios. We put money where our mouth is. By sharing our strategies openly we hope to attract investors who prefer a more hands free approach. The best way to do so is, we think, to show them how sound and workable our strategies are. They (the investors) need to be able to see it for themselves.”

“Furthermore, if you know our core strategy well enough, you will know that it is something that will not saturate,” he continued.

“In fact, the greater the funds, the more robust the team, the higher the returns. We work with strong blue chip companies and options buyers mainly in the U.S. They are so many of them. We have a lot of room to play with.”

How should one select a stock?

The million dollar question asked by a lot of investors is this, “how should I select a stock?”, or “What kind of stocks should I look out for so I know that I’m going to make money, right now?” It is after all, the kind of stocks that determine how much one can make.

“I always tell our investors that everything should be kept simple because the simpler it is, the easier money will be made,” said Terence.

“Now, think about property. Property is so simple that anybody who does it the simple way will make money out of it. So, in the stock market, how can we do the same? How can we keep things simple? Some of the more recent news are stories like when Intel reported they are laying off 16,000 workers worldwide. People asked me, “Should I fear the move?” My reply to them is very simple. You do not have to look at numbers because numbers are always going to be numbers. Corporations will do whatever they want to show the numbers that they want to show. But, it is more in terms of a common sense decision that you have to make with your investments over here.”

“Ask yourself this, “What is the motto of Intel?” The motto of Intel has always been “Intel Inside”. So, what is Intel Inside? Intel Inside has always been about selling their processors to all of the computers out there. They dominate about 80% to 90% of the market share in terms of the laptop and desktop productions over here. So, if they lay off 16,000 workers; yes it is a concern, but are they less “Inside” nowadays? Now, if they’re no less “Inside”, then it is still a great company after all. They are still going to make money at the end of a day. Companies right now, especially big companies, have the ability to make money or profits year after year. It is just a matter of that specific year being more or less. It is a very simple process.”

When should one start investing?

Another common question that bugs investors is the appropriate time to enter or exit the markets.

“This is a very interesting period of time to address this question,” said Terence.

“That is because everyone has this fear that the markets are sky-high right now. The US markets hitting new highs and we are hitting new highs over here. What we’re seeing over here is that the economy is not doing as well and everyone is not doing as well. Oil prices are not doing as well. So, there’s a fear that is ongoing and in the economy itself.”

“What we do, however, relies not on the economy itself but on looking at the great stocks out there. What we are doing is that we are trying to start an investment business out of the stocks that we create. So, if you are starting a business, it does not matter if the stock is going up, down, left, right or centre. It is about the stock being there.”

“Remember this, in the Income Mastery Programme all we need to make money and income, is for the stock to be there. As long as the stock is there, we’re able to craft strategies and make our money out of it. So, the fear that says, “What if the stocks go down? Terence, what should I do?” Don’t worry about this because in Income Mastery Programme what we also have is that we include what we call repair strategies.”

“Our repair strategies are what makes investors so comfortable with this investment business they are embarking for themselves. They know that even when things go wrong, they’ll be able to fix their business. So, at the end of the day, they can still make money. Think about this. Property investors do this all the time. They may be buying a property for the long haul but in the meantime, they are collecting rental income in the process. It could be three years down the world or four years down the road when they may dispose of the property.”

“Right now, they may sell it at a cheaper price but based on the income that they have collected out of the rental they made, it actually still comes out profitable for them at the end of the day. Would you not like to invest your money this way?”

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