Monthly Employee Reward & Recognition Policy Announced for EAR Defense Noise Protection Earplug

“EAR Defense earplugs each pack contains 2 pairs of filtered earplugs.”
EAR Defense has just announced a reward and recognition program for their employees. As per this new policy, the company’s best performers will be rewarded every month starting from September.

EAR Defense is pleased to announce a monthly reward and recognition policy for their flagship product Hearing Protection Earplug. Starting from the month of September, the best performers from the company will be rewarded on a monthly basis. It may be recalled that this product from EAR Defense has already received a promising response from the Amazon shoppers with over five hundred reviews. A high percentage of the reviewers have recommended these earplugs for proper protection against loud noise. EAR Defense earplugs are available at Amazon for just $26.95.

Exposure to loud environments without adequate protective measures can lead to noise induced hearing damage. EAR Defense has designed their earplugs for drummers, musicians, factory workers, shooters, and many other people that have to deal with loud noise on a regular basis. These earplugs are capable of reducing the sound volume without spoiling sound clarity, thanks to their attenuation filters. People with a larger ear cavity often struggle to find an earplug that offers the perfect fit. EAR Defense has solved this problem with their triple flange design. These earplugs have been manufactured from a soft silicone material capable of resisting itching and allergic reaction on prolonged use. EAR Defense claims that their earplugs are reusable, washable, and may last for up to thirty months.

Highlighting the benefits of the product, a recent user writes in his review, “I’m an electric bassist and regularly play at louder volumes. As I have gotten older, despite using foam earplugs, I have had an increasingly difficult time hearing. The sounds now tend to muffle together making monitoring my own playing much more difficult. These Ear Defense ear plugs for musicians is exactly what I needed. Not only do they allow me to hear my playing, unlike foam plugs they actually filter the sound removing the background noise. This allows me to separate the noise better, and actually hear what I am doing vs. just the drums and/or the yelling from the crowd. They also reduce the sound decibel level, allowing me to play at full stage volume without harming my ear drums.”

Talking about the company’s new reward and recognition policy, a senior official from EAR Defense stated, “We believe that our employees are the most critical factors for our success or failure. This reward and recognition policy is intended to motivate the employees to achieve more for themselves and the company.”

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