More Hazelnuts, Less Sugar: It\’s a New Generation of Sweets

August 23, 2016 – Mario International Group with his partner company in Sicily has been manufacturing a healthy hazelnut cream with rich ingredients since 2011, and it is branded under several different names worldwide. The cream is not only healthy, but with much better quality and high content of hazelnuts. To cap it off, the cream is manufactured without any sugar added and is only sweetened with xylitol or erythritol. These sweeteners have several health benefits and are not dangerous as sugar that is the primary cause of diabetes worldwide.

“We are a top selling product under private labels in different countries such as Sweden, Germany, Norway, Switzerland, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, and Canada. We also sell our product under our own brand label and name Dolce. But mostly it’s sold under different companies, private labels.” Said Mr. Mario, the owner of the Mario International Group of Companies who is based in Tallinn, Estonia. He had an idea in the year 2010 to produce a hazelnut cream much healthier than what consumers could find on the market.

Most of the company’s clients order this cream with their private labels and brand names. The top selling product has surprisingly sold more under other brand names, and only 5% of its total sales are under its own brand name Dolce. Currently, ten bigger companies are selling huge amounts of this hazelnut cream with an ever expanding percentage of the existing sales. 95% of the total sales of this hazelnut cream are sold with private brand labels, and the manufacturing company is an expert in outsourcing.

The best thing about this hazelnut cream is that unlike its competition, it does not need to be cooled in a fridge and can be stored perfectly at the room temperature. The production facility is based in Sicily, and the corporate sales office is located in Tallinn, Estonia. The shelf life of this cream is 18 months, and there are absolutely no colorants, preservatives or chemicals used in its production. It is also gluten and lactose-free with a low carb diet. The creamis a perfect and healthy and is the best alternative for diabetes.


Xylitol-Erythritol Hazelnut Cream is a product exclusively sold by Mario International Group based in Estonia. The cream is sold under more than ten private brand names and its own brand name Dolce.


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