Crucible Cookware Releases New Product On Amazon Marketplace!

New cast iron skillets on helps widen the range of products available from Crucible Cookware!

August 25, 2016, Los Angeles, CA, USA– Crucible Cookware is excited to announce the addition of new product on, expanding the number of items currently available in the storefront and furthering their commitment to provide more than just cast iron cookware accessories.

The new product is a set of four cast iron skillets and two silicone hot handle holders! The skillets in the set feature a variety of sizes, including: 10 inch, eight inch, six inch and five inch diameters. The two hot handle holders, one large and one small, are designed to fit perfectly on the skillet handles and offer protection from temperatures ranging from -1040F to 4640F. Plus, the removable handle means the skillet can be used for cooking in the oven. And, as a bonus gift, customers will receive a cast iron cookbook with a number of recipes – from breakfast to desserts – and instructions on how to take care of cast iron products.

We are so excited to start selling cast Iron cookware, especially because it provides a healthier and environmentally conscious alternative than non-stick products,” said Jenny Smith from Crucible Cookware. “We have planned on providing these new skillets for a long time and know our customers are happy that everything is in place to bring this product to the market.”

Cast iron cookware does not contain Perflurooctanoic Acid (PFOA), one of the chemicals used in non-stick cookware like Teflon frying pans. PFOA has been implicated in increased instances of cancer in the pancreas, liver, testicles and mammary glands, as well as miscarriages, thyroid problems, weakened immune systems and low organ weights. PFOA is currently found in the bloodstream of 95 percent of American men, women and children.  

Try out these new cast iron skillets today! You’ll love the convenience and ease of cooking with these health-conscious alternatives to non-stick cookware.” Further commented Jenny Smith.

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