The must-visit place in Asia, Jeonju Hanok Village

As the rising star of the Korean tourism, after the designation as the Slow City,
it displays its name as No. 3 on the ‘list of Asia’s top 10 places to visit in the coming year’ which has been complied by Lonely Planet, the one of the world’s largest tourist publishing companies!


Precedently, when people imagined about a Korean traveling place, it had been confined in Jeju Island, Myeong-dong, Itaewon, etc.

From now on, the foreign visitors coming to S. Korea have to remember the “Jeonju Hanok Village,” for sure.

Jeonju Hanok Village, the tourist spot optimized for enjoying Korean traditional cultures and unique cuisines altogether.


The Jeonju Hanok Village, the glowing Comet of the Korean global tourism. What kind of a place is it?

The Jeonju Hanok Village is the Korean representative tourist place where about 10 million people visit every year.

The Korean traditional tiled-roofed houses are visually aligned to stimulate curiosities of foreign visitors and cultural festivals, food services, and performances are providing entertainments for them everywhere.


Jeonju International Sound Festival in which you can feel Korean pansoris which are designated as one of the UNESCO World Heritages,

the Traditional Liquor Museum where you can taste Korean traditional liquors, the Jeonju Experience Center of Wooden Calligraphic Works where you can try out Korean traditional printing culture,

the Jeonju Folk Museum of Embroidery where you can see beauties of Korean traditional embroideries, and many other places for experiencing Koran traditional cultures are all around the region.

Moreover, the Jeonju International Film Festival for all the independent film makers all around the world are celebrated in May, so you can participate in this festival on the street of the film if you visit Jeonju during this seaon.


Foods are also overflowing.

Jeonju bibimbap, the mascot of Jeonju, and Jeonju kongnamul gukbap are the must-eat foods in Jeonju

and besides these, there are much foods to lure foreign visitors in Jeonju-bbangscream, a combination of mangos and vanila icecream, a squid fried whole called ozzang, skewered tteokgalbi meatballs, chocolate pies of Pungnyeon Bakery, Veteran Kalguksu, etc.


Hanbok rental service is the distinctive experiencing course only of the Jeonju Hanok Village.

It will be a nice opportunity to have a memory of parading on a street with Hanboks, Korean traditional costumes, put on.

At the end of a day, it is possible to have a comfortable night in a Hanok guest house which contains Korean traditional spirits in it.

If you are looking for a tourist spot around S. Korea, and furthermore all around Asia, how do you think about setting up a plan of traveling to the Jeonju Hanok Village right now?


Here is attached the advertising animation about the Jeonju Hanok Village, created by Jeonbuk Creation, Economy, and Innovation Center (Center Leader : Jinsu Kim)

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