‘Real Email Marketing’ Provides New Services Giving A Complete Email Marketing Solution

Realemailmarketing.biz is an innovative solution that takes care of every aspect of an email marketing campaign. Email design, list targeting & bulk blasting are just some of the benefits available.

Recently, their website has undergone some important updates, with added offers giving a better user-experience to an ever growing clientele of businesses. A new package restructure lets users select a more tailored service to get the best possible results & deal.

Now clients can easily select between 300,000 to 15,000,000 emails sent. Realemailmarketing.biz completes all the work needed, which takes the hard work and hassle of creating your campain and generating email leads.

A statement on their website says:

“Let Real Email Marketing handle all the time consuming parts of email marketing so you can concentrate on closing the clients and making profit”

What’s the difference between this service and related email ‘blast’ programs and services? Realemailmarketing.biz provides every aspect of an email campaign, as apposed to a system that only sends the emails.

Some main benefits include:

  • HTML Design

  • Text Email Design

  • Complete Targeted List

  • Subject Line & Content Creation

  • IP & Domain Rotation,

  • 100% Spam Compliant Servers

  • Bulk Email Campaigns

  • Reporting URL Monitoring

With new marketing options emerging (including search engine and social media advertising). It’s never been more important to keep ahead of the game. However, nothing is more effective than delivering emails straight to a hungry targeted audience. With the cost of CPC search engine advertising rising dramatically, Realemailmarketing.biz offer a very affordable marketing solution. This could replace an existing marketing strategy, or become an extra addition to one.

‘Opt-in’ targeted email contacts are supplied, this allows users to sit back and have emails delivered to the people that matter. With this service, there is no need to supply your own contacts, or generate leads yourself.


Realemailmarketing.biz have 16 years of experience owning their own wholesale, retail, logistics, and ecommerce businesses. They decided to develop a service to provide tools that help their clients grow and reach their customers. This was driven by a passion to succeed in all areas.


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