Bartlett Homes And Roofing Offering Insurance Claim Repairs To Its Clients In Boise, Idaho

Boise, ID Bartlett Homes, a roofing contractor based in Boise, Idaho, is offering insurance work on roofing work caused by storm damage, wind damage, hail damage, third party liability damage, fires and damage related to burglary. The roofer also offers other insurance related services such as claim evaluation and repair work valuation. This is in addition to the other roofing services they offer, such as roofing installation, re-roofing, roofing repair, and roofing maintenance.

“When it comes to insurance claims on properties, working with an experienced roofing contractor makes a huge difference,” says Doug Bartlett, owner of Bartlett homes and roofing. “The input we offer helps to smooth out an insurance claim and provide homeowners the right information they need to get compensated. We also work with various insurance companies to provide the labor needed after insurance claims are processed. This is only possible because we are trusted to provide work that is beyond reproach.”

Doug Bartlett goes on to explain that many homeowners do not understand the due process when they need insurance repairs carried out. His firm steps in to provide the required inspection and to write up a damage report which can then be used to substantiate the homeowners claim. Not only that, he assists homeowners to calculate just how much compensation is owed to them depending on the type of cover they have. This kind of professional help goes a long way in ensuring that such homeowners do not end up dipping into their pockets to pay for the damages that their insurers should be covering.

Indeed, roofing damage has a great impact on homes, especially during natural disasters such as hails and storms. Not only are the roofs themselves damaged, but the roof damage itself can also facilitate damage to other areas such as internal electronics, fixtures, cars, and even personal injury. However, because Bartlett Homes and Roofing are an actual construction company, they are in a unique position to offer the needed professional consultation as well as the repairs that go with such damage. This makes them a one-stop shop for homeowners experiencing roof damage.

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