Alive Global Sports will reach a new level during a Guinness World Record

August 26, 2016 – Alive Global Sports will reach a new level during a Guinness World Record-setting attempt when they launch the world’s first “Live Interactive Sports App”. The aim of the attempt is to surpass the world record set by Pokemon last month with 130 million downloads of the app and be the most downloaded game app in history.

“This will be one of the most exciting world record attempts of the year. I’ve been really impressed with the exceptional work done by the United Games team, and I look forward to thelaunch,” commented Alex Slocum, who represents Alive Global Sports.

“I have faith and confidence in the Live Interactive Sports App, it is a revolutionary one developed with the sole aim of revolutionizing Fantasy Sports by bringing Sports Legends and their millions of fans into playing Live Sports Events. There is also the opportunity for for former, and current Pro Athletes who share the app with their fans on social media to earn a percentage of the billions of dollars generated. Overall, it is a win-win situation for everyone.”

The goal for the Guinness World Record is for the app to be downloaded more than 130 million times and this feat is supported by over 4000 facebook groups. Alive Global Sports is inviting sports fans and enthusiasts from around the world to join in and be a part of history. The app will be launched in September and will subsequently be available for download.

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About Alive Global Sports:

Our goals are to have “Sports Without Borders”, Providea platform where all athletes can share in sports revenue regardless the sports, from Hall of Famer to those who strive to great.

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