This 12 yr old boy is a researcher and is soon launching his book on motivation for kids

Ian Michael Brock, 12yrs old, is a researcher and soon be published author at such a young age. He is currently travelingto conduct research for a book he’s writing on success &motivation for kids.  At a tender age, he is dedicated to bringing a change in the community through his book.  In fact, he is going as far as selling cookies, from the social impact cookie company that he and his parents co-founded, to purchase his own plane ticket(s) to get to the people he’s interviewingas research for his upcoming book.

It is amazing to see a young kid show such dedication towards his work. He believes that computer science education has all the potential to eliminate poverty among the financially challenged and it can also help in stopping the violence in Chicago’s economically challenged communities. His family has been completely supportive of his goals and together they sell cookies to fund their computer science education, summer camps, and other initiatives.

Ian managed to buy his ticket to Atlanta, Ga by selling cookies where he recently met Dr. Dennis Kimbro, bestselling author of “Think And Grow Rich: A Black Choice”, “What Makes The Great Great”, “The Wealth Choice: Success Secrets of Black Millionaires” and “Daily Motivations for African American Success for an interview. He has also interviewed Lisa Nichols, one of the motivational speakers from “The Secret” movie as well as motivational speaker Les Brown and Bobby “Ali Muhammed” Dixon (Turkish Super League Pro Basketball Player, League MVP and National Champion) among many others.

Ian is writing this book to inspire other kids to believe in themselves and utilize their potential to the best for a brighter future. He will be highlighting the stories of successful people in his book which the kids will find inspiring. What makes this different from other motivational books is that it is written for kids by a kid so that it is easy to understand for them.  The book will help the kids in understanding the basic meaning of life and the habits that they can acquire to shape their future in a better way. “With the help of this book, I want to reach out to other kids out there and help them in achieving their best potential so that they can lead towards the right path for a better and brighter future”, says Ian in one interview.


Ian Michael Brock, 12yrs old, is an “A” student at one of the top public elementary schools in Chicago. He likes to play basketball, is a 3yr member of his school’s Lego Robotics Team and enjoys computer programming in HTML.  He spends some of his time during the holidays feeding the homeless through church organizations. At the tender age of 5, he appeared on a song entitled “Stand” that his sister wrote and joined her in other fundraising efforts, to purchase and erect a fresh water pump for supplying fresh drinking water to a village in Malawi, Africa.

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