Energy Solution Int’l Partners With an Established London Merger & Acquisition Consultant for Possible Take-Over by European Energy Company

Energy Solutions International, a multinational energy company has announced that it is currently partnering with a well-established London-based Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) consultancy company to work out strategic modalities in preparation for a possible takeover by a major European energy company.

Energy Solutions International Limited is listed on the Australian and German stock markets. It recently has been approached by a major European energy company. This was made possible because of Energy Solutions International Limited’s innovative approach in the renewable energy sector. The company is an innovative energy company that creates strategic partnerships and makes investments in the energy markets of various countries around the world.

The long-standing approach of Energy Solutions International Limited to diversify into different areas of the renewable energy sector and its focus on fast developing economies seem to make  Energy Solutions International LTD interesting for international expansion strategies of major European energy companies.

In order to fulfil its tasks during the expected Merger & Acquisition negotiations, the company has teamed up with a well-established consultancy company in London and it is confident that within the forthcoming 18 months a partial or full merger might take place with a major European energy supplier.

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