EAR Defense Announces Internal Promotion Policy for their Hearing Protection Earplug

“EAR Defense earplugs for motorcycle riding”
EAR Defense has recently announced their internal promotion policy that looks to promote internal talent instead of hiring from external sources to fill up higher positions. The company’s flagship product Hearing Protection Earplug is selling successfully in Amazon.com for $26.95.

EAR Defense pleased to introduce yet another employee friendly policy. The company has recently announced an internal promotion policy for their employees. With the implementation of this policy, EAR Defense will be promoting their most deserving employees to higher positions instead of recruiting from external sources. This is certainly a great step from the company to motivate their employees. EAR Defense is gradually emerging as a popular name in Amazon.com, thanks to their extremely popular silicone earplugs. This high quality hearing protection aid has already received five hundred plus Amazon reviews.

EAR Defense manufactures top-of- the-line acoustic devices maintaining stringent quality parameters. Unlike the commonly available products, their earplugs have been manufactured from soft silicone material that keeps the users safe from all types of allergic reactions. The most important feature of this product is its ability to reduce the sound volume without making any difference in its clarity. This property of the product can be attributed to its two attenuation filters offering noise reduction ratios of dB 27 and dB 23 for high and medium levels of protection. Many users have recommended these earplugs for motorcycle riding, drumming, shooting, travelling, or doing anything else in a loud environment.

In his Amazon review, a recent user mentions, “A great pair of ear plugs. My wife actually uses these to sleep with. She says they are very comfortable versus the store multi packs. Plus she does not see as much wax build up as the multi packs. They do an even better at keeping out the sounds and letting her sleep the whole night than the multi packs. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a great set of ear plugs.”

Highlighting the company’s new internal promotion policy, a senior official from EAR Defense stated, “Many of our employees have played a significant role in the success of our protective earplugs. Our new internal promotion policy looks to promote some of these internal talents to higher positions. This initiative will not only save the hiring cost, but will also lead to high morale of the employees.”

To find out more about EAR Defense High Fidelity Earplugs, please visit https://www.amazon.com/Musicians-Motorcycle-Drummers-Festivals-Protection/dp/B013H8FUVA?ie=UTF8&*Version*=1&*entries*=0

About Ear Defense:

Ear Defense is a manufacturer of high-quality acoustic devices that are designed to protect the human ear and hearing. The company’s flagship product Ear Defense Ear Plugs are now selling successfully at Amazon.com.


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