Boryung pharm, Stand alone as hypertension global leader

Boryung constraints established itself as a leader in the hypertension market.

According to the pharmaceutical industry Pharmaceutical Boryung recently launched a ‘producer Cobb, and are gearing up to build a family line-up of 15 domestic drug Sport hypertension, Kana probe.

Kana probe has received permission to July 15th September 2010, domestic new drugs were launched in the market in March next year. ARB (angiotensin receptor blocker) for inhibiting substances called “angiotensin” to inhibit hypertension therapeutic agent of the series.

Kana probe is the first half of this year, domestic prescription drug claims climbed above 50 ranking. If you were to disappear from the market for the first time been named on 50 of the many domestic pharmaceutical drug has a reputation within the pharmaceutical industry has been successful.

Boryung constraints on the success of the strategy is to expand its presence in these Kana probe hypertension market. Kana probe complexes single drug and a diuretic, Kana probe plus CCB and a total of 5 intends to complex items such as time release agent (calcium channel blockers) Dew Cobb completed a probe Cana Family lineup.

Until now beuwa Kana Kana probe, plus the appearance is exposed, including Cobb Dew total of three products on the market. Boryung sikindaneun seating plans continued growth yieoganeun beuwa Kana Kana probe In addition to the Dew Plus quickly carve based on the clinically proven effect on the market.

Here Boryung is preparing the release of the two remaining products. I combined my three plus three ingredients are cholesterol and cholesterol complexes complexes as the main character is expected to be available later this year to complete the license application.

When the five product family is the Kununurra probe is expected to be completed in 2000 billion of earnings. In fact, Kana probe has recorded more than 30 billion won in sales last year, the future is also possible synergy effects with single drug and composites.

With this strategy is Boryung through the bracket Cana Announces Family names in global. The situation entered a phase 1 clinical study to obtain the approval of the March US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for the Cana beuwa Crestor complexes.

In particular, the acceleration of catching up to overseas markets such as Mexico and Latin America Kana Kana beuwa 13 countries plus the probe. Boryung commitment is deep in order to expand the territory in the global market with future additional products.

Choi, tae-hong Boryung pharm president said, “Improving the Dew Cobb started by Kana probe family quality of life of patients through the establishment of course, will be the commercial performance of the lead at home and abroad also.”

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