Indian delegates should not participate in the Canonization ceremony of Mother Teresa

New book “Mother Teresa Canonized or Crucified” by Gerard insists Indian delegates not to participate in the Sainthood ceremony of Mother Teresa because this is against the Secularism of India.

Chennai, Tamilnadu – August 29, 2016 – The author Gerard through his book “Mother Teresa Canonized or Crucified” “published by Notion press, urges Hon. Minister of External affairs and Hon. Chief Minister of Delhi, Hon. Chief Minister of W. Bengal not to participate in the Sainthood ceremony of Mother Teresa. Doing so would mean that they are abetting the snobbish activities of Roman Catholic Church and also against the Secularism of India, he expressed.

Mother Teresa was widely known as a living saint as she ministered to the sick and the dying in some of the poorest neighborhoods of the world. Recognized as the Saint of Calcutta, Mother Teresa had first been renowned by the Indian government with the Padma Shri Award in 1962 and the Jawaharlal Nehru Award for International Understanding in 1969. She continued to receive major Indian awards in subsequent years, including India’s highest civilian award, the Bharat Ratna, in 1980.

The author also exclaim that the Canonization of Mother Teresa by Vatican will definitely deprive the awards given by The Indian Government. So the Sainthood of Mother Teresa gives a great loss for Secular India.

He also stated that Sainthood is just a visualization created by the Catholic Church. “There is no fundamental base for the veneration of Saints in the Bible. Canonization is a mode of granting permission for the veneration of Mother Teresa in all Catholic Churches all over the world. Recognizing Mother Teresa as the Saint will create a severe insult to the services done by Mother Teresa and also shatters her fame and principles. So, please say no to The Sainthood of Mother Teresa and Save the Proud of Mother Teresa, the Saint of India,”the author elucidated.

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Gerard is a Catholic Christian. He worked as a teacher in a Catholic institution. He has participated in so many agitations conducted by teachers associations and was imprisoned. He is writing social essays nowadays. He is also a spiritual thinker and wisher of reasonable changes in the Catholic Church.


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