New Film by Sophiah Koikas is about the Extermination of the Thessalonikin Greek Jews during World War II

Among the many forgotten tragedies of the Nazi Regime, is the extermination of the Greek Jews of Thessaloniki. Upon occupying Greece in 1941, the German army deported almost 60,000 Jewish residents of the only city in the world with a majority Jewish population. This important community of Jewish people had existed here for more than 2,000 years before its decimation by the Nazis.  Today less than 1,200 Jews remain.

One of the Greek descendants of the survivors, Sophiah Koikas has begun a film project entitled “The Last Sixty Seconds” which tells the story of the Thessalonikin Jewish holocaust.  A celebrated filmmaker who has produced features including “Disappearing Bakersfield” and “Porcelain City,” Sophiah Koikas is ideally suited to tell this heartbreaking story. The film will be shot on location and include many personal stories from survivors, family and neighbors.

Like any major film project, “The Last Sixty Seconds” requires substantial funds for crew, equipment, props, costumes and set production.  To raise the $18,000 needed to finance this film, Sophiah has sponsored fundraising campaign on Indiegogo.  In return for your generous support, you may receive perks like DVD’s, tickets to the Los Angeles screening, signed DVD’s, Associate Producer credit or Executive Producer credit.

To learn more about “The Last Sixty Seconds” or to make a donation to this historic project, please visit

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