New Free Android App Tests Reflexes Against Time & Movement

NEW YORK CITY, August 14, 2014 – Singapore-based Google Play developer Sky Little has recently released a free, new Android ‘Tap & Touch’ game app designed to test users’ reflexes. The game app, titled ‘Tappy Tap, Don’t Tap White Tile’ challenges the users’ speed, accuracy and coordination. The free game app is the perfect game for girls and boys,  as well as adults who wish to play a fun game while sharpening their reflexes and cognitive skills.

Here’s How it Works:

The user must tap on the black tiles to reach their highest score, avoiding the white tiles which lower their score. There are three different game challenge modes:

• Survival Mode: ‘Tappy Tap’ begins at a slow pace and quickly accelerates — challenging the user’s speed and accuracy.

• Time Mode: Tests the user to see how fast they can tap 50 black tiles without hitting any white tiles. The speed is consistent in this mode but that doesn’t make it easier.

• Distance Mode: It is the user against time. How many black tiles can they tap before the timer runs out???

Tappy Tap is one of the most addictive free game apps on the market!

Other Features Include:
• Simple touch control
• Stunning graphics and smooth animations
• Fun music, and
• Challenging contests and gameplay for players all over the world!

Download the free ‘TAPPY TAP’ App!

Tap… Touch… Step… Easy!

Media Contact
Company Name: Sky Little App Developers
Phone: +65 97611721
Country: Singapore