Form 3D Offers Leading Product Prototyping Services in the Boston and Northeast Area


Product designers, manufacturing facilities, entrepreneurs, and inventors alike often turn to 3D printing companies to help them create prototypes. Form 3D, located in Boston, Massachusetts, is an industry leader in additive manufacturing using metal or plastic materials. They offer a complete service to anyone in need of a prototype, part, or component.

Services Offered

While many 3D printing companies only offer one service, which involves printing a component or prototype that has been uploaded to Computer Aided Design (CAD) software, the experts at Form 3D take things a step further. They offer a complete service that can help clients get better, lighter, more efficient, and more cost-effective components. Individuals need only to upload their CAD design to the Form 3D website in order to receive a quote. If they have questions about their designs, they can speak with the team at Form 3D for expert advice, including materials and design suggestions. Their goal is to bring their clients’ ideas to life.

Available Technologies

In order to provide their clients with the best product prototyping, Form 3D uses several very sophisticated technologies. Direct Metal Laser Sintering machines melt powdered metals and build them up in slices, or layers, to create the finished product. Clients have access to a large variety of metals and alloys, which include everything from aluminum to titanium. Fused Deposition Modeling is a process by which plastics are extruded through a nozzle and deposited onto a flat surface to mimic the CAD design. Finally, Computer Numerical Control Milling offers up precision machining to perfect any component, including creating a machined component from solid material or adding fastening points to a pre-made component.

About the Company: Form 3D is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts and they specialize in 3D printing for the additive manufacturing industry. They serve a wide variety of clients, including individual inventors and large manufacturing companies. They specialize in delivering solutions that suit not only your budget, but also your timeline. Their engineering background and dedication to collaborating with clients to create the perfect component or prototype has made them a true authority in their niche.

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