Social Artistz Reviews Alpha Levo IQ Supplement

Relationship and lifestyle advice site has published a review of Alpha Levo IQ by Edge Bioactives, a supplement for the brain that helps people improve concentration and become more productive in their work. The added benefit is that the supplement contains natural ingredients such as Vitamin B and Omega 3, essential for keeping the brain healthy.

The site’s author takes care in writing an honest review of Alpha Levo IQ by avoiding making unrealistic promises and explaining clearly what the supplement does and does not do, which is to boost concentration rather than make an individual a genius. He also points that the supplement takes up to three weeks to work, after which the product helps cleared the ‘brain fog’ and as a result, the author experienced greater ability to focus, which allowed him to work productively for two three-hour sessions with a break in the middle.

The review then focuses on giving the reader assurances about the supplement highlighting the fact that it is manufactured in an FDA registered facility and contains natural ingredients. These include Vitamin B, which research has shown to decrease brain shrinkage by 90% and protect against Alzheimer’s disease, and Omega 3, which in combination with the Vitamin B helps slow brain atrophy by 40%. In addition, Alpha Levo IQ contains Zinc, which provides natural antioxidants to the brain to shield it from infections, and Ginkgo Biloba, which encourages the growth of neural stem cells and helps fight against memory loss.

The site author concludes the review by emphasizing that the product is just a supplement and nothing more. He advises strongly that Alpha LevoIQ is an add-on and should only be a part of a healthy lifestyle, which includes eating a clean diet, and daily exercise.

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