Insights on Korean Mid-age Lady Gone Viral on Chinese App Momo

She’s not considered extremely attractive nor in possession of extraordinary talent, but the mid-age lady from Wangjing district of Beijing gained her fame overnight by broadcasting news in Korean on Chinese social network, and gone viral overseas.

It’s reported that at the first day of Wangjing Ri Chun-hee live show, she came to the 2nd place on the 8PM Fame List, and 78th place on the 24 Hour Fame List, more than 3000 people streamed her show 15 minutes after her show began. Wangjing Ri Chun-hee speaks perfect Korean, and just like the original anchor Ri Chun-hee from North Korean National Network, her characteristic emotional and vitriolic tone has been made into meme emoji and remix videos and spreading through the internet. It is considered rare for an ordinary lady to gain such fame as a first time live show host. Her characteristic emotional and vitriolic tone not only drew attention from Chinese netizen, but also gone viral overseas.

Obviously the great hit of Wangjing Ri Chun-hee on social network can never be a coincidence, this lady is being wildly loved with her exceptional alternative host style, and her style has been proven extremely attractive on social networks. The social network Momo, also known as Tinder of China, has a large basis of users, Wangjing Ri Chun-hee was observant enough to find the opportunity in it, and showed the internet her “histrionic” side of personality.

At the same time, users’ love of Wangjing Ri Chun-hee turned into a new meme, producing massive emojis, GiF and remix videos. This new meme soon attracted a great number of new users to Momo Live Shows, no surprise that her fame has gone even bigger.

Live shows are becoming more of a routine part of many young people’s life in China, an educated guess would be that the future of Momo Live Show would only be more entertaining. Compared to text and recorded videos and voice messages, live shows have more contents, more interactive, and contains high social efficiency, it is likely that Momo would be more creative on its live shows.

For example, on the scenarios of live shows, there can be more alternative like gyms, tourism attractions, and food tasting for customers to choose. Another fact on these live shows is that number of viewers is greatly valued, so live show hosts can gain more profits from their shows, which would bring more hosts into this new form of entertainment.

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