“Forged Emperor” Launches Urban Streetwear Line — Instantly Becomes The Fastest Growing StreetWear Line In Australia

“Forged Emperor” is more than a line of clothing, it represents living life with passion, seize every single day.

NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA, August 14, 2014 – “Forged Emperor” has quickly become the streetwear of choice for the urban landscape. Based in New South Wales, Australia, Forged Emperor’s roots are intertwined with the days of The Roman Empire, when Julius Ceaser ruled the day and stood tall for all men of the time. They have adopted the credo of “Live Life With Passion”, live every moment of every day with no regret, seize every single day and live life on one’s own terms. “Forged Emperor” is all about illustrating the best way anyone can express themselves to the world… by what and how they wear it.

“Forged Emperor” has been influenced by the art, culture and mind-set of the Ancient Romans. The line represents a separation between the mass marketed streetwear brands, and this streetwear brand that identifies with the individual as a person. “Forged Emperor” is the obvious choice for all members of the hip-hop scene. The evolution in StreetWear is here, and it is called “Forged Emperor”, according to a company spokesperson. Customers report that when they are wearing this brand of StreetWear, they feel different about themselves. There seems to be a magical transformation upon wearing a piece from “Forged Emperor”, a new outlook on life emerges, a new persona takes hold within the individual.

This is a line of Urban StreetWear that encompasses a blend of taste and personality, while crossing the line of risk and edge. These are some of the traits that are inherent in the “Forged Emperor” line-up. Acceptance of the line by consumers has been exceptional, with an increase in site traffic seen on a daily basis. Since the recent site launching, “Forged Emperor” clothing can be seen as the new lifestyle brand. This is the end of boredom and predictability, as individual style takes to the forefront.

For complete information, please visit: Forged Emperor StreetWear… The New Reality

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