August 31, 2016 – Church Protect, a full-service faith-based organization dedicated to helping congregations of all sizes and sects identify if individuals within their church structure are perpetrators of sexual child abuse and molestation, continues to spread their platform message as they work hard to develop a treatment center for sexual abuse survivors.

An organization dedicated to consoling sexual abuse victims just as much as they’re determined to educate churches on how to identify if abuse is ensuing, Church Protect is equipped to provide the resources and mental support childhood sexual abuse victims need to start over in the face of evil.

“It’s a sad reality, but many of the world’s twisted individuals who perpetrate sexual child abuse find comfort and solace within our churches,” said Jimmy Hinton, Co-Founder of Church Protect. “They know these are places where the weak and vulnerable congregate to get closer to God. It’s not going to end any time soon. But, we can make a commitment to educating our church members and administrators on warning signs for keeping these individuals at bay and out of our holy spaces.”

With 42 million survivors of child sex abuse living in the United States right now, it can be surmised that sexual abuse, especially to children, isn’t going to disappear anytime soon. Church Protect is looking for individuals who share their same values and passion for children and God, to check out their website and learn more about what they can do to prevent further attacks within the church.

For church leaders around the nation, Church Protect is a leading trainer and educator for the prevention and detection of childhood sexual abuse. If you’re a church leader, and don’t know if it’s happening before your very eyes, you can contact Church Protect today and partake in a confidential consultation.

For a long-term solution to the detection of childhood sexual abuse, they offer live or scheduled webinar training in which they teach participants to take preventative action, ensuring all churches are safe places for children to learn and worship. Their Online Consulting and Trainings, as well as Live Trainings, provide a comprehensive and highly educational approach to the often-taboo topic of sexual abuse regarding children.

If you’re a church leader who wants your entire parish to know about your commitment to an abuse-free church environment for children, they also provide DVD Training Courses for churches looking to take preventative steps. The DVDs are easy to follow, and designed with the whole church in mind.

For survivors of childhood sexual abuse and their partners/families, Church Protect has 24-7 accessible support services for survivors with forum-based online support group available. Their website also features testimonies and stories from survivors, as well as blog posts that provide supportive information to help abuse survivors keep moving forward. If a site visitor is a survivor of sexual abuse, Church Protect asks that they register with the “Members Only” section of the website in order to ensure they’re met with the support, materials, and resources they deserve.

“We founded Church Protect to be a one-stop-shop when it comes to everything involving the formation of childhood sexual abuse, the identification of it, and the support of its victims,” said Hinton. “Our goal is to have every American church know about the support system we’re offering here for church leaders and childhood sexual assault survivors. No one should have to endure this alone, and the more people who educate themselves on the triggers, the more lives that will be spared in the future.”

Church Protect is currently looking for philanthropists who are interested in helping fund their platform so they can continue their work and spread it countrywide. With collaboration and additional funds in the future, they plan to put the money towards a treatment center for sexual abuse survivors.

Founded a year and a half ago by Jimmy Hinton and Jon Uhler, they are working tirelessly every day to make the pews of our churches the safe, holy, and comforting places they should always be.

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