Ex-St. Louis Rams Fan starts blog designed to discuss the NFL

Disappointed when the Rams left for Los Angeles, Kymo Dockett started TheLoveOutreach.com, which is designed to keep NFL fans informed on controversial issues pertaining to the NFL.

While many ex-St. Louis Rams fans struggle to find a new team to cheer for or have completely turned away from the NFL, Kymo Dockett decided to use this NFL season to help bring awareness to several important issues. Whether talking about Colin Kaepernick’s refusal to stand during the playing of the national anthem or how the NFL left St. Louis with a stadium saddled with around $144 million debt plus maintenance costs, Mr. Dockett plans to help NFL fans see a side of the NFL they have probably never seen before.

When asked why he decided not to watch football this year and start a blog instead, Mr. Dockett had this to say: “When I watched how the owner of the Rams, Stan Kroenke, not only insulted my hometown, but left St. Louis in a terrible financial position, I knew I had to do something. I want my blog to become a place where NFL fans can rally around issues that affect their lives and others around them”. One of the goals of this ex-Rams fan is not only to keep people informed about important issues, like domestic violence and exploiting of the poor, but also to encourage readers to email Roger Goodell about matters that are presented on his blog. 

Beyond what took place in St. Louis, Mr. Dockett points to several other controversial issues the NFL has engaged in, such as Roger Goodell forbidding the Dallas Cowboys from wearing helmet stickers that honor officers killed in Dallas. When asked if he will ever support the NFL again, this frustrated football fan expressed this: “When the Rams left St. Louis, I realized there was something more important I can be doing with my time than watching the Rams. This blog is an opportunity for me to make a difference as I try to turn the grief I felt when the Rams left St. Louis into something positive.”

NFL fans can check out Mr. Dockett’s crusade to help change the culture of the NFL all season long at TheLoveOutreach.com

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