Solution of U-PVC Pipe coding & marking by Laser Marking Machine

Laser Marking Machine apply to U-PVC pipe, assist the PVC pipe factory improvement the production capacity, most strengthen the stability of the coding & marking on plastic pipe.

Rising reasons of laser marking technology for U-PVC pipe:

Nowdays, every pipe factory face severe competition situation, caused by higher production cost and lower production capacity, so the traditional Inkjet Printing solution become huge problem day by day production, because of the higher printing cost, higher failure rate and higher maintenance cost, so pipe industrial must be find a suitable coding & marking solution, so depend on the customer requirement & marking demand, CYCJET took long term R & D laser marking machine apply to plastic pipe, and already achieved a excellent result for U-PVC marking.

New Technical features of Laser Marking Solution for U-PVC Pipe:

Laser Marking Machine Print information directly subject engraved on the surface of the product, marking can be crossed style, can also be in the dot matrix, marking a unique visual effects, marking a clear, permanent, erased and change, and the anti-counterfeiting effect is obvious.

Fly laser printer with High speed, no stop marking, high efficiency. Can be static and production line high-speed flow state.

Can print sequence code, batch number, bar code, two-dimensional code, micro standard and pattern. The number of print lines and the size of the font is not limited.

Stable and reliable performance, can work continuously throughout the day, long maintenance free time (20 thousand hours). Minimum maintenance and provide you with the longest running time. Affected by the environment is small.

Operation cost is very low, avoid stop production, equipment can be long-term free operation and maintenance, no need for special maintenance, without any consumables.

Most important, Fly laser marking machine marking U-PVC can get different color, normally White U-PVC can get gray or black color, Gray U-PVC can get Orange color, Or yellow color, or black color.

Based on above characteristic, CYCJET Fly laser engraving machine are widely used and have been won critical acclaim from  different pipe factory in the world.


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