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China – 31st Aug, 2016 – Gone are the days when job seekers printed a resume on high-quality paper and mailed it to a potential employer. Today, many recruiters rely completely on social media networks and job boards. So how can job seekers find a job in China if they don’t have any connections? How can they scan the Chinese job boards if they can’t read Chinese?

The answer: LaowaiCareer.

LaowaiCareer is the best job board for foreigners seeking employment in China. It’s easy to use design, English layout, and a large selection of job openings is why foreigners return to our platform time and time again. Whether you are already in China looking for a job or are interested in relocating, LaowaiCareer can help.

The concept of LaowaiCareer came to founders Ben and Yuri while running a tour guide service for foreigners in Beijing. Yuri and Ben saw the challenges foreigners faced when new to China and wanted to step in to help. With their continued mission to assist foreigners in China, LaowaiCareer was born.

Today, LaowaiCareer has grown to become the #1 job board for foreigners seeking jobs in China! LaowaiCareer offers English teaching positions, along with opportunities in design and architecture, finance and accounting, HR, agriculture and much more.

Additionally, LaowaiCareer hosts a blog to help foreigners learn more about the job market, and what it’s like to live and work in China. The blog is an excellent way to stay informed and to get the inside scoop into the world’s fastest growing economy.

Whether you are looking for something that is full-time, part-time or an internship, LaowaiCareer is the free and simple way to land a job in China.

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LaowaiCareer connects skilled foreigners to excellent companies in China and provides a portal for Chinese companies to find desirable overseas talent. We are a one-stop-shop for every foreigner looking for work in China. If you have any interest at all in working in China or are already in China, LaowaiCareer will save you time and energy during your job hunt.

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