Steven D. Jackson’s Upcoming Poetry Collection, ‘Dark Ages Engraved’, Reminds Us of the True Life We Miss

August 31, 2016 – All of us are alive today, but how many are truly ‘living’, in the fullest and most wholesome meaning of this term? Art and especially poetry is best suited to answer such questions and show us the right way in their subtle, symbolic expressions that remain with us for a long time. This is precisely what well known author Steven D. Jackson does in his latest and soon to be released poetry collection, Dark Ages Engraved.

Poems that answer many a questions, never fail to enlighten dark corners, and always spring from and carry the wisdom of past mistakes and experiences. That’s the promise held by Dark Ages Engraved, a bouquet of poetry form the multi-talented poet Steven D. Jackson.

Dark Ages Engraved brings together for the first time musings that take the reader on a far passage, except that it occurs within the reader’s mind and thoughts. It is a rich engraving of all the struggles that one has to go through in life, all the time questioning, trying and making it better. Beyond living, it shows us how each of us transform every day of our existence through learning.

Steven’s earlier works have achieved success on Amazon, with the poem ‘Love’ winning the Editorial’s Award, while the novel ‘Once upon a time’ winning 5 star rankings with three time #1 ranking at Amazon (2 free and 1 paid categories). All of his published works carry 4 stars and above ratings.

The work will be published September 2, 2016 as an e-Book, while the physical and audio versions will be released on September 11th. The work has been published by SDJ Books and is available for purchase from, Amazon, Kindle Bookstore, and iTunes (audio).

Most of us are alive, but are not living’, ponders Steven D. Jackson in one of the poems, ‘What is life’. Jackson is a well known author born in Cleveland, Ohio. Like all creative minds, he blends many skills into one, as a writer and poet, musician and songwriter and entrepreneur.

This poetry composition gives me a reason to live again,” said Jackson.

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