TweetMyEvents Introduces New Pricing Model that Rewards Viewers

The social media event marketing application TweetMyEvents has long been one of the premier platforms on the web for marketing events on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, but TweetMyEvents has now introduced a new rewards system which allows users to promote their own organizations and events. TweetMyEvents is one of the online community’s preferred event information dissemination channels, reaching millions of social media users.

TweetMyEvents has helped numerous clients reach the social media users that are critical to making their online event or webinar a success. More than a thousand users in over 38 countries have leveraged the power of TweetMyEvents to help enlarge the participation at their special online or offline event. So far, TweetMyEvents has facilitated more than 23,500 events.  More importantly, TweetMyEvents has long been one of the most cost effective marketing platforms with no charge for promoting an event. Instead, TweetMyEvents and its competitors utilize ads to recoup the costs of providing this valuable service.

Now, however, TweetMyEvents has developed a user model which allows participants of events to accrue points.  These points can be used to promote their own events and the purchase of ads on the TweetMyEvents platform. In order to roll out this exciting new feature and introduce additional features, TweetMyEvents has initiated a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo to secure $150,000 which is necessary for Phase II of the project.  Phase I has already been completed and cost more than $170,000 which was raised from private investors and government grants. Phase II’s budget will go towards development cost, hosting and website, additional features and marketing.  In return for their contributions, donors will be eligible for TweetMyEvents credits, social media starter kits, ad space, and LinkedIn training programs.  To learn more about TweetMyEvents or to make a financial contribution, please visit

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