LockDSolid Expanding its Market Presence into 3 More States

Chicago, IL – LockDSolid, a weapon storage company, has launched three new websites as it’s expanding into new territory. The three states the company now serves with their bevy of weapon storage systems and school lockers are Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee. The expansion was prompted because of the growing demand for the company’s products, as the need for gun safety is at an all-time high in the US.

“We have launched three sites to demonstrate that we are committed to serving the residents and businesses of Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee, ” says Pete Mailloux, a company spokesperson. He goes on to say, “The new sites we’ve launched are: www.LockDSolidMinnesota.com, www.LockDSolidPennsylvania.com, and www.LockDSolidTennessee.com.”

The owners of Dasco Storage Solutions and General Storage Systems formed LockDSolid a few years as a division that combines the best of their popular products. Since then, the company has grown significantly and now serves customers from different parts of the country. Gun safety is an important topic of discussion right now in the US. Unsafe storage of guns has been cited as a factor in many sad incidents; LockDSolid shows its commitment to the cause by making gun safety a priority, not only to law enforcement, but also local businesses and homes.

Helping more people in the U.S to safely store the firearms they own was one big factor in the company’s decision to expand into new territories. The sale of weapons in the United States has been growing steadily in recent years. This is because everybody sees the importance of protecting themselves, their loved ones and friends. Therefore, it’s only sensible that people who’re buying the weapons also want secure storage for their firearms.

For gun owners in the U.S who would like more information on the new expansion plans, LockDSolid encourages individuals to visit their area’s corresponding website. The residents, schools, and businesses of Minnesota, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania can now access the websites quickly to place their orders for weapon storage and school lockers. The expansion makes it easy for customers in these parts of the country to get what they are looking for from a local representative.

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