Grand Rapids Roofing Company Expanding in West Michigan

Grand Rapids, MI – Professional Roofing Experts is a bonafide roofing company based in Grand Rapids, MI. The company offers all the main roofing services such as roof repairs, new roof installations, re-roofing services, roofing maintenance and more. The company operates across various locations, namely Lancaster, PA; Red Lion, PA; Grandville, MI; and Grand Rapids, MI. Now, the company is set to expand into West Michigan to claim its fifth location.

“We are the best roofing company in Michigan, so it’s only right that we spread our services all across the state,” said Randy Howard, owner of Professional Roofing Experts. “We started with just one outlet and through sheer hard work and dedication, we are about to expand into another location in West Michigan. This move will allow our firm to serve the people to the west of this state better. In turn, the move will also enable the other existing branches to attend to the people in their respective cities better without having to stretch their capacity.”

Professional Roofing Experts offers the installation of shingles, metal roofs, flat roofs, gravel roofs and other types of roofing. The company also provides other repair and maintenance services such as leak detection and sealing, waterproofing of commercial roofs, installation of gutters and downspouts, attic ventilation, installation of weatherboards, and much more. It’s a full-service roofing company for any roof-related services for residential and commercial properties.

The new West Michigan roofing division of the company will offer the very same services provided by the other outlets. This will allow any existing customers that are visiting the new branch to enjoy the same quality and variety of service they are used to in the other locations. It will also allow new customers to experience Professional Roofing Experts and their great service.

Randy Howard and the entire team of Professional Roofing Experts are expecting nothing but success in the new outlet. It is anticipated that the move will improve the company’s brand image, increase its client base, and extend its revenue margins. Homeowners to the west of the state will also benefit from the high quality and professional services that the company will be bringing closer to the people in that area. Of course, it remains to be seen just how well this new outlet will perform in comparison to the other existing locations under the belt of Professional Roofing Experts, but they are confident that their service and workmanship will quickly make.

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Company Name: Professional Roofing Experts
Contact Person: Randy Howard
Phone: 877-660-4608
Address:1069 Sheridan Ave SW
City: Grand Rapids
State: MI
Country: United States