Bothbest Offers Engineered Bamboo Flooring Solutions for Residential and Commercial Usage

Bothbest, a China based manufacturer of bamboo products, offers now a specially engineered bamboo flooring solution for homes, offices and public places.

Bothbest, a Chinese manufacturer and exporter of bamboo-based products, now also offers engineered bamboo flooring solutions for homes and offices. The engineered bamboo flooring products are basically combinations of wood and bamboo, the owners informed. They added that this kind of flooring consists of 4mm layer of bamboo and the remaining part is made with wood. According to them, these floors have wide applicability and can be used on radiant heat, concrete, plywood and many more places.

“The grain of the wear layer, which is made of bamboo, runs across the length of the plank up and down, while the inner layer, which is made of wood, runs horizontally. The backing also runs vertically in both directions. We call it cross-lamination and it actually gives unrivaled stability to the floor. By cross laminating, we ensure that the grain forces oppose each other. This gives enhanced stability to the flooring”, said a sales executive from

The sales executive also added that engineered bamboo floorings provide high value for money to the end users due to the easy installation, and the aesthetic quality and heavy-duty nature of the of the flooring. At present, the manufacturing company offers engineered bamboo flooring in two different dimensions. The sales executive added that the engineered bamboo flooring products are available in two different colors, carbonized and natural.

A media manager from Bothbest, which is also a leading bamboo decking products manufacturer, fleshed out the specifications of the engineered bamboo floors they manufacture. “This type of flooring has a hardness of 1100-1300 lbf Janka hardness. We use only Dynea European 1 standard glue for making these products. We also use Satin Aluminum-Oxide mixed UV-treated urethane as anti-scratch top coating. Also, we take pride in using the lowest amount of formaldehyde in all of our products. We aim to become the market leader in sustainable bamboo flooring manufacturing industry”, he told the press. According to him, the company offers now twenty five year de-lamination warranty on nearly all of its products, including the engineered bamboo flooring products that are suitable for both residential and commercial usage.

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Bothbest Bamboo Flooring Co. Ltd is a manufacturer and supplier of bamboo products.

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