Ofirbabies Hooded Baby Bath Towel Becomes A Big Seller On Amazon

The Hooded Baby Bath Towel For Boys & Girls comes With Free Gifts. It is Ultra Soft 100% Organic Cotton, Sized for Infant and Toddler, Green, Gifts – Pacifier Clip And Burp Cloth + 2 eBooks

A new hooded baby bath towel that has recently launched on Amazon has quickly become one of the biggest sellers in the baby products section. The Ofirbabies Hooded Baby Bath Towel is soft and thick and made out of 100% organic cotton, providing the child with a safe and comfortable towel that is kind to the skin. 

The baby bath towel, which is perfect for sensitive skin continues to receive five-star reviews on Amazon and has become a popular product with parents due to the quality material it is made with. It is made with 100% organic thick cotton 400gsm and is sized 30.7″x30.7″ Inch. It is hypoallergenic and ensures the baby is not exposed to harmful chemicals, providing parents with a safe way to dry their child.

There is no need to worry about long drying times. The eco-friendly hooded baby towel with its cute monkey design is machine washable and dries quickly due to its breathable cotton construction.

It is currently available on Amazon at a special discounted price of $23.25 (normal retail price $32.25) with free shipping. However, a spokesman for Ofir Babies explained that the discounted price is for a limited time only, and once the promotional price is over it will go back to its normal retail price.

Janice Tancredi is one of the many satisfied customers who bought the product on Amazon; she said: “I’m in love with this hooded baby towel, it is super, super soft. It’s not only soft, but it’s absorbes well to get your baby dry fast and keep them cozy. This towel is so lush and luxurious.”

The baby towel comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. When purchasing the product from Amazon (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01FRGBTME) the consumer receives the product, two free gifts plus two EBooks.

A spokesman said: “The two free gifts includes a sturdy and stylish pacifier clip to ensure that the pacifier won’t get lost and a soft hand towel with a matching monkey design for cleaning your baby’s hands, which can also be used as a burp cloth.”

The hooded baby bath towel (www.ofirsales.com) comes with an extra gift, an eBook, which is a big Coloring Book that teaches children letters, Numbers, Shapes, Animals, Flowers, Fruits and Vegetables, Musical Instruments and more. It teaches them in a fun and educational way. The eBook will arrive a few days after the order is placed.

For more information on the hooded baby towel and to take advantage of the discounted price, please visit https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01FRGBTME

Note: Consumers who purchase the hooded baby bath towel will receive an email with a discount code where they will receive 2.5$ off their next purchase.

About Ofirbabies Hooded Baby Bath Towel

Ofirbabies Hooded Baby Bath Towel is a quality product that provides the perfect and safest way to dry a child. It is made out of quality material and is soft and gentle to the skin.

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