Hollywood Director Jim Thebaut offers a Path to World Peace in ‘Three Minutes To Midnight’

LOS ANGELES, CA – 9/6/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — In 2002 the Chronicles Group’s President and Writer, Producer, Director and Executive Producer Jim Thebaut with Co-Executive Producer Ed Dunford created the COLD WAR AND BEYOND feature documentary. The central theme were the events and decisions which accelerated the nuclear arms race during the Cold War era and post 9/11 world. In order to document its dangerous reality 25 on-camera interviews were conducted by Thebaut with prominent US and Soviet leaders and participants. The documentary was nominated for Best Documentary at the Hollywood Film Festival.

The 25 on-camera interviews are now archived at Stanford University’s Hoover Institute and will be available to scholars around the world. 

The primary legacy of the Cold War were the existence of weapons of Mass Destruction. United States and Soviet Military programs during the era produced over 60,000 nuclear weapons. In 1991 serious disarmament and arms controls were implemented, the process of reducing the danger of total global nuclear devastation had begun and the DOOMSDAY CLOCK registered at 17 minutes to Midnight. 

But times have significantly changed, the planet is now at risk and the potential for a nuclear exchange or a catastrophic detonation of a single nuclear device in a major city or an accident is a sobering reality. The potential for a single event which kills hundreds of thousands or millions of people becomes a greater threat everyday. The DOOMSDAY CLOCK has recently been dramatically moved  up and Thebaut is creating an updated version to his 2002 documentary entitled THREE MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT.

The new film will include:

1) Concisely telling the historical development and escalation of nuclear weapons by utilizing the footage and on-camera interviews from COLD WAR AND BEYOND.

2) Summarizing the significant tense historical events and occurrences which have happened throughout the world since the conclusion of the Cold War. The film will highlight examples  where water scarcity, drought and extreme weather events impacts food security which is significantly exacerbating the global humanitarian crisis. Also, focus on troubling global security trends and the rapidly evolving projected 10 billion population by 2050.

3) Present the realities of today’s world and potential for the DOOMSDAY CLOCK TO STRIKE MIDNIGHT

4) Provide geopolitical solutions which will ultimately lead to global cooperation and elimination of all nuclear weapons. 

The creative foundation for THREE MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT  will be to conduct on-camera interviews with leaders and experts from the ten nuclear weapon countries..

The film will provide evidence on how those stressed regional conditions with evolving and extreme population density will impact the global economy and potentially decrease natural resources such as water, energy, prime agricultural and grazing land. These circumstances opens the door to profound geopolitical international security concerns and quite possibly trigger cataclysmic global conflict.


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