Simply Coding Game Design Software for Kids Achieves the Highest Ever Monthly Sales in August

“Simply Coding Game Design Software for Kids”
Simply Coding’s Amazon bestseller Game Design Software for Kids has recorded the highest ever monthly sales volume in August. This popular online tutorial helps kids above the age of ten in learning the basics of JavaScript coding.

Simply Coding is pleased to announce that their highly acclaimed online tutorial Game Design Software for Kids has achieved the highest ever monthly sales volume in the just concluded month of August. An Amazon bestseller, this online program is meant for children above the age of ten. This primary objective of this tutorial is to teach coding for kids in a fun and interactive manner. Simply Coding is currently offering this top class training module for a discounted price of $49.95 only.

In the present day context, computer education from an early age is extremely important. As a result, there are many online courses offering training on coding, animation software, or computer programming for kids. Simply Coding’s game design software not only helps learn the techniques of coding and building games, but also encourages a child’s critical thinking skills and ability to innovate. This program has been approved by school systems throughout the country, both as part of their course catalogs and as an after school program. Interestingly, this program has been built based on the feedback of thousands of kids that have been involved in its testing and refinement.

A recent buyer recommends the program saying, “I’m extremely impressed with this software. It is very detailed and takes you step by step in order to learn how to create several levels of games. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to learn the beginning stages of JavaScript. It makes me want to go further with training and try at a more difficult level of coding. I received this product at a discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. It really does take you by simple steps. It uses video, text, testing what you learn. Excellent software that has incredible support structure online.”

Talking about the product’s record sales figure in August, a senior official from Simply Coding stated, “The sales volume for this tutorial has already been impressive. However, the volume achieved in August was way beyond our expectation. I congratulate the entire team for making this possible, and hope this record gets broken very soon.”

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