According to a Harvard Business Review article “Get the Most Out of Executive Coaching”, “We have met the enemy and he is us.” If you accept this fact of life, coaching – and every other change process you initiate – will become surprisingly simple.
How an incredible yet powerful method helps small business owners increase their profits more than 61%, build their teams while they extract more time back for themselves.

Business Unit Execution introduces a 5-stage business growth model having a relentless focus on time, team and money to guide small business owners achieve their vision and goals for their business. The five stages include Creation, Disorder, Control, Prosperity and Freedom. Each stage needs unique “Silver Bullets” to solve business challenges, which are characteristic of that stage.

Small businesses can get 30-minutes of FREE coaching to review their business challenges and see how the exact prescription from 21 Silver Bullets could uniquely apply to them. For example, if a small business is identified to be in the Creation stage, it’ll need 3 Silver Bullets: USP (Unique Selling Proposition), CBP (Current Business Plan) and a BEP (Break Even Plan).

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Once the small business owner is comfortable working with Business Unit Execution following the 30-minute conversation, they can enter the next stage to review a Cash and Client Strategy session. Here, Business Unit Execution will conduct a 90-minute presentation going into details of the tools and templates available for the small business owner through the coaching programs. Once the small business owner elects one of 4 coaching levels, he can now sign the business coaching agreement to engage the services of Business Unit Execution. Depending on the coaching program, Business Unit Execution will meet the small business owner through Skype or face to face and conduct the coaching session. Before each 1-hour coaching slot, clients will finish their assignments using the tools and templates Business Unit Execution sends them.

Though each business coaching agreement is made on a monthly basis, it recurs for months and the small business owner can expect to see improvements in their profits and revenues.

Business Unit Execution will work with small businesses in Manufacturing, IT, Software, Engineering, Dentistry and many other disciplines. Typical clients will have annual revenues over 5,000,000 dollars but some may be lower.

Business Unit Execution will do a quick finance model with the client’s input to show how business coaching will pay for itself through increase in profits so the client gets to see the benefits before hand.

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About Business Unit Execution

Business Unit Execution is an emerging company founded in 2012 and managed by Mr. Suresh Iyengar to offer business solutions for various businesses.

Business Unit Execution LLC offers four programs:

  1. Business Coaching
  2. Business Performance Metrics Assessment
  3. Certified PMO Director (for business professionals)
  4. Certified Business Unit Manager (for business professionals)

So the firm serves B2B and also B2C.

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