“Gipsy” is a Cinematic Masterpiece that Involves Shadowy Criminal Organizations and the Occult

From acclaimed director, John Paul Cooney comes one of the great independent films in recent years, “Gipsy.” “Gipsy” tells the story of a Hungarian couple, Katarina and Laszlo, as they encounter criminals who request a spell to kill someone. After refusing, the couple and their five children flee their home in Hungary for New York City. Taking refuge in the enormous home of their uncle Janush, the family encounter ghosts and demons, which leads them on a variety of hair-raising adventures. The film will showcasae the acting talents of John Paul Cooney, Christopher Adler, Laci Kardos and Zsofia Bene.

“Gipsy” is a major film project by Jack Kamin, one of Hollywood’s leading independent film producers and screenwriters. This film marks a new collaboration with John Paul Cooney who has earned a place on Hollywood’s A-list by acting on major shows and movies like “Oz” and “Rolling.” This latest project showcases the talents of major American and international cinema veterans. “Gipsy” will be filmed in Hungary and New York City, and has a budget of almost $2.5 million.

Major independent films like “Gipsy” are rare and require financing from a variety of sources. The producers of “Gipsy” would like to include movie lovers and fans in this important cinematic project. A crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo is currently underway to raise the funds to pay for actors and crew members, travel costs, equipment, locations, post production, set creation, and marketing. In return for their generous contributions, donors will receive valuable perks like posters, mugs, DVD’s, set visits, film credits or even speaking roles in “Gipsy.” To learn more about “Gipsy” or to make a financial contribution, please visit https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/gipsy-the-movie.

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