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As a benchmarking enterprise in the mold industry, POWSTAR GROUP has been an excellent model of both company management and technical innovation, subtly playing out Japanese-style management in every detail against the background of Sino-Japan joint venture.


First, quality assurance normatively managed: POWSTAR GROUP strictly implements the quality management flow for every order in demand, from needs identification, product review, design layout, design approval, material inspection, process and fabrication, tooling assembly, try out, to delivery and after-sales tracking. Every stage is followed according to strict quality control standards, to ensure each product finished from POWSTAR GROUP 100% satisfactory.

Next, order development and design precisely performed: To ensure product quality, the company has strict planning and quality review from order in to design out, i.e., order evaluation, product review, design review, and design verification. The output documents are produced from each step accordingly, which can greatly shorten the period of tooling design upon the consumer acceptance of high quality products.

Then, incoming material quality and supplier management fully controlled: Three significant measures have been instituted to assure the quality of incoming material, purchased material inspection, supplier review and periodic supplier evaluation. New suppliers will be examined the profession qualifications before formal cooperation, and required a formal supply under monthly supervision and incoming quality statistics. Suppliers of somewhat inferior quality will be given targeted support and guidance on the other hand.

Finally, quality management of manufacturing process staff involved: In order to ensure the quality and safety of products, each employee must strictly observe “three no principles” (no receiving substandard goods, no producing unqualified products, and no releasing rejected goods). To achieve tooling quality assurance, tooling quality verification and delivery quality control, every step from process programming, manufacturing, assembly, try out, to delivery is in a controlled state at all times. 

POWSTAR GROUP strictly controls the delivery quality of each tooling and products through the following measures: First, POWSTAR GROUP has a powerful engineers team, which is mostly composed of craftsmen with decades of tooling manufacturing experience, with a view to ensuring each link quality of precision tooling. Second, POWSTAR GROUP has a strong capacity of high precision ±0.01MM for injection mold and stamping die, while ±0.002MM for high precision stamping die. The accuracy is so fine owed much to its precision machining equipment of top brands Makino, Toshiba, and MITSUBISHI all imported from Japan. The processing precision of Makino CNC and EDM equipment can reach to ±0.01mm, and the tightening precision of 26 sets MITSUBISHI WEDM equipment can arrive at ±0.003mm. Finally, as the procedure from tooling order releasing to customer goods receiving is numerous, it isn’t good enough to rely heavily on advanced equipment and experienced staff team. Therefore, a perfect and standard quality management system needs to be established, i.e., setting up a special 3H quality management department, introducing the high precision testing facilities with automated detection means and standardized control flow, controlling quality of 4 links as follows: Incoming Quality Control (IQC), In-Process Quality Control (IPQC), Final Quality Control (FQC), and Outgoing Quality Control (OQC). Satisfying customers and providing them with perfect quality is what we promise.

POWSTAR GROUP has more than 150 sets of various large and precision imported equipment with “Makino and Mitsubishi” as the leading brands, which can ensure 0.001mm machining precision under the condition of constant temperature and humidity, as well as rich field experience in high precision parts processing and builds the WEDM super high precision processing team to fully exploit the potential of equipment, improve the processing capacity, and realize ultra high precision machining breakthrough, especially for the WEDM technology of tall and long parts with high difficulty in processing. The purpose is to provide high quality and cost-effective parts for customers, assisting them to achieve “perfect quality”.

How does POWSTAR GROUP realize the breakthrough of WEDM technology for precision processing tall and long parts? At first, statistic the major issues found in the WEDM processing (such as large error of vertical straightness), gradually start parameter debugging and trial processing, and solve the straightness error through debugging parameter compensation method and settling six common vertical  straightness error parameter debugging solution. Secondly, solve the differential problem between measurement and reality by dial indicator measurement + two dimensional measurement + three dimensional retest.

POWSTAR GROUP attaches great importance to a company’s information construction, mainly reflected in five aspects: Monitoring the whole process from order to delivery by ERP system; creating a “digital plant” by PDM/ERP/MES system; implementing plan and capacity management by APS scheduling system; managing fast quotation and paperless purchasing through the sourcing platform; controlling production and administration process by Easy platform. For large automobile precision mold the most important is MES system, the requirements in all respects of which like high difficulty and high precision machining, call for an information system to control the production process more effectively, so as to get the correct and significant information for each production link of automobile mold. Furthermore, in order to respond quickly to production dynamic changes, it is also required to ensure the production information accurate and timely from the staff of every link, which, can effectively improve the development efficiency of automotive mold products, and control the production schedule and capacity in time during the production stage, realizing effective tracking for the processing of automobile mold.


For customers, toolings with high quality and low price can greatly reduce the costs for the mass production of finished products. Therefore, tooling cost control is also what POWSTAR group is focusing on to promote customer satisfaction, and the biggest effect factor on the tooling cost is whether the design of tooling structure is reasonable, which is strongly influenced by the skill level of tooling designers in the precision tooling plant. Optimizing the tooling structure to save cost with the help of CAE analysis , POWSTAR group adheres to optimization of product structure, best molding solution and most economical production process for the purpose.

POWSTAR GROUP takes “exceeding customer expectations” as the business strategic objective, devoting to be world-class mold manufactory. Let you achieve “perfect quality” and “early delivery”!

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