Higher Demand of Brochures Maker: How FlipBuilder Came to the Rescue

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Now the business needs the digital brochures for online promotion. Flip PDF from FlipBuilder will be the choice for online marketing in that it provides multiple methods to engage customers.

In modern times, the advent of the Internet has brought about immense changes in the way businesses are conducted. For the interactive content spread, marketers require a user-friendly brochures maker. FlipBuilder saw the increase in demand of this kind of software and consequently develops Flip PDF for marketers. With this powerful tool, business owners can easily add interactive content to engage their customers — and carry out some other activities.

Flip PDF is an easy-to-use software that creates amazing Flash & HTML5 publications from ordinary PDF files. It is a remarkable tool which — in just three steps — produces digital magazines or brochures of similar features to those of actual paper books. No programming work is used for this conversion.

FlipBuilder Offers Its Customers a Rewarding Experience with Flip PDF

The designed flipbooks work both online and offline, can be used on all devices (on platforms like iPhone, iPad, Android phone, etc.) with stunning page flip animations and sound. Also, the digital magazines can be published to the Web, shared via email, on Facebook, on Twitter and other social networks.  Apart from these, the created brochures can be burnt onto USB flash drives or CD/DVD. Users can also distribute them on devices for presentations or exhibition.

Why Flip PDF Is the Best Digital Brochure Maker

Flip PDF provides numerous benefits for users looking to create awareness for their business.  Its offerings (like user-friendliness, great reading experience, mobile-friendly features (HTML5 support) and easy sharing experience on social networks) make it a perfect choice for marketers that need a brochures marker.

Other than these, it is environmental-friendly, economical and offers multi-language support (12 languages are available including English, German, French, etc.).

Flip PDF from PDFBuilder is the ultimate software to convert files in portable document format to digital magazines or brochures. It is an essential tool for marketers who seek advertisement, branding and growth for their businesses.

For more about FlipBuilder, please visit: http://www.flipbuilder.com .

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